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Starting Your Auto Career? 4 Common Radiator Issues You’ll See

The radiator is a crucial component of any vehicle’s cooling system – and when there’s a problem with this car part, it’s more than just inconvenient. Together with the water…
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Completing Your Auto Mechanic Course? 4 Tips for Successful Networking within the Auto Industry

Professional networking is a useful skill set that everyone can work to improve, no matter the industry. In the automotive industry, it is extremely helpful for being able to get…
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Taking an Auto Mechanic Course? Explore This Guide to Changing Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play an essential role in the function and performance of a vehicle’s engine. In an internal combustion engine, fuel is turned into a source of energy by compressing…
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Completing Your Auto Mechanic Training Program? Follow These Tips When Preparing for Job Interviews

If you’re gearing up for your next move after automotive school, ensuring that you’re prepared for a job interview is a great place to start. A successful job interview is…
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Vintage Engine Repair for Students in an Auto Mechanic Course

As an auto mechanic, you might encounter a few customers taking in their vintage automobiles for engine repair. Although these cars will be equipped with an internal combustion engine, it…
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