What Students in Auto Mechanic Courses Need to Know About the McLaren Speedtail

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With its sleek design, high-tech features, and powerful performance, the McLaren Speedtail, spiritual successor to the F1 and the newest addition to McLaren’s Ultimate Series, is an impressive feat of modern engineering and design. The unique three-seater has some mouth-dropping specs and incredible performance, but with a price tag of nearly $3 million, it doesn’t come cheap. Still, that hasn’t stopped the limited run of 106 units from selling out already, with delivery expected sometime in 2020.
For anyone interested in high-end automotive design and the cutting-edge of car technology, this unique vehicle is sure to be of interest.

Here’s what students in auto mechanic courses need to know about the McLaren Speedtail.

The McLaren Speedtail Has a Unique and Highly Aerodynamic Design

One of the first things to notice about the McLaren Speedtail is its striking and unique exterior, with a sleek and seamless design. It’s both narrower and longer than the P1, measuring 5.18 metres in length. Smooth lines flow back from a teardrop-shaped cockpit, with a sharply defined edge behind the rear wheels where the airflows from the upper and lower body of the car meet.

A lot of design and engineering expertise has gone into making sure the body is as aerodynamic as possible. Air is carefully channeled around the car with vents, ducts, diffusers, and blades, with just enough redirected through the body for cooling. Covers on the front wheels remain static while the car is in motion, reducing turbulence and guiding air around the sides of the car. The Speedtail also features rear ailerons, made from flexible carbon fibre, which enhance stability at high speeds and under hard braking. The low-drag body is made entirely of carbon fibre panels, and the suspension of aluminum, giving the Speedtail a dry weight of 1430 kg.

You can check out the Speedtail’s unique design for yourself in this short clip:

Students in Auto Technician Courses Will Be Impressed with the Speedtail’s Powertrain

Students in auto technician courses will be interested to know that the Speedtail runs on a hybrid powertrain that delivers 1,035 horsepower. With a top speed of 403 km/h, and acceleration from 0 to 300 km/h in just 12.8 seconds, it’s the top-performing McLaren to date. In comparison, the McLaren P1 takes 16.5 seconds to reach the same speed, and tops out at 350 km/h.

To achieve its record high speed, the McLaren Speedtail has a special “Velocity Mode,” activated with a button located in the roof above the driver. This lowers the car by 35 millimetres, optimizes the hybrid system for high-speed driving, and retracts the digital rear-view cameras (the Speedtail’s replacement for side mirrors) to reduce drag.

The Speedtail Also Delivers on Comfort and Luxury

For anyone interested in cars or hoping to become a mechanic, the Speedtail is a fascinating study in the cutting edge of automotive performance. The Speedtail is built not only for high performance, but also for comfort and luxury. Its interior features a three-seat layout, with the driver centrally positioned in the cab, and passenger seats flanking either side. Electrochromic glass can darken as necessary to adjust to sunlight, making sun visors unnecessary. The leather upholstery, like much else on the car, is customizable, and customers can also order bespoke luggage to match, which fits neatly in the front and back storage compartments.

Overall, the McLaren Speedtail is a stunning achievement of performance and design. See more of it here in this short clip:

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