Air Conditioning

If you’re interested in gaining skills related to air conditioning systems, ATC’s online A/C Course will provide you with the training you need. Students can complete the course at their own pace, while receiving the quality instruction that ATC is known for. Through our e-learning platform, students will learn to identify and locate the components of an air conditioning system through interactive and game-based learning.

ATC’s instructor-led A/C Course also offers extensive email support, and any questions you have will be answered within 24 hours. You can also begin your course the day you’re admitted, and have up to one year to complete it, so the pace at which you complete the course is totally up to you.

Air Conditioning Course Outline:

  • Air conditioning: introduction and operation
  • Understanding air conditioning systems
  • A/C components overview
  • Air conditioning switches and sensors
  • Climate control systems

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