Suspension Alignment

For over 30 years, the Automotive Training Centre has provided students with the training they need to succeed in the automotive industry, and ATC’s online courses provide the same quality instruction in a more flexible format. ATC’s online Alignment Course is designed to equip students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to properly service vehicles. You’ll learn the importance of correct wheel alignment, as well as understand key steering angles. Through ATC’s interactive e-learning platform, you will also be able to perform a virtual four-wheel alignment. 

With web-based classes, online exams, and extensive instructor support, you’ll receive quality training in a flexible format—ideal for those looking to kickstart a new career while balancing personal and professional obligations.

Alignment Course outline:

  • Steering angles 101 (caster, camber, toe, thrust angle, SAI, turning radius)
  • Preparation for alignment
  • Understanding alignment sequence 
  • Alignment report overview
  • How to perform a wheel alignment

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