Tips for Transporting Holiday Food for Auto Mechanic Course Students

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Driving during the holiday season often involves some extra cargo—casseroles, pies and other delicious treats that need to make it safely to friends and family. It’s no fun to carry dishes on your lap for long drives, and it’s even worse opening the trunk to find a squished or spilt gift of food, the victim of a sharp turn or pothole. Dishes and containers can even become projectiles, dangerously flying through the air after braking sharply or in the event of an accident.

Properly securing them will prevent this hazard from existing in your car, leaving more room for holiday cheer. Stay safe on the road and preserve your yummy creations with these tips for transporting festive food on holiday road trips!

Auto Mechanic Courses Can Prepare You for a Breakdown, but What About Pie?

Desserts are a popular gift over the holidays—whether you’re bringing your grandma, cousin or best friend a pie, a three layer cake or a yule log, keeping sweets happily intact ensures that everyone gets to enjoy a good slice. Some carriers are available to make the journey easier, but if you don’t have one, an upside down, empty pie plate on top of a pie offers protection. Tin foil and toothpicks are a great way to build a protective cover over other desserts.

Keeping your car fairly cool (keep those toques and coats on!) can also help with transporting desserts. Melted buttercream or runny filling isn’t fun for anyone, especially after you’ve put time and energy into making or choosing a treat for your loved ones. If you become a certified mechanic, you can help drivers keep their vehicles’ climate control systems in tip-top shape. This allows them to adjust the air until it’s just right for a batch of cupcakes or a peppermint-chocolate creation.

Steady Wobbly Foods When Heading Home from Your Auto Mechanic Course

For wobbly foods that can roll or slide, like retro devilled eggs or gorgeous Jell-o salads, securing the food on top of damp paper towels can prevent a slip-and-slide catastrophe. Keep these foods flat in the trunk—placing them on a seat can cause a sloppy situation because the surface is tilted. Since eggs in particular tend to both roll and slide, you can make use of a muffin tin and place the eggs in the cups.

Keeping Jell-o salads and other wobbly treats cool will make transporting them easier
Keeping Jell-o salads and other wobbly treats cool will make transporting them easier

Again, keeping foods relatively cool is a great way to prevent slipping—most dishes are firmer when chilled, and a piping hot dish is likely to have more liquid that can splash. Not to mention how painful hot food can be to pick up or hold on a lap while you organize presents and other items in your car.

Secure Your Containers with These Handy Tips

Your auto mechanic course will teach you how to ensure a vehicle is safe for travel, but you may also want to keep your food safe along with your passengers. The number one trick with anything in a pot is to secure the lid—use tape to make sure cookware remains fully covered during the drive. If a lid slips off during a short stop, you can end up with pureed sweet potato all over your headrest. You can also secure these vessels by placing rolled-up towels around their bases inside of a box, making sure they don’t tilt or shift on windy roads. The towels can double as insulation if it’s a short trip and you would rather bring dishes hot than cold.

Avoid flying lids for a smooth holiday drive
Avoid flying lids for a smooth holiday drive

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