Heavy Vehicle Systems (Specialist) Course

Heavy vehicles are essential to a wide variety of industries. The work these vehicles undertake is as big as they are, so it is essential for automotive technicians to understand their complex systems. 

With ATC’s heavy vehicle systems course, you can gain insight into the inner workings of these vehicles in a flexible online format. Students learn how to repair heavy vehicle systems through interactive and game-based learning.

Heavy Vehicle Systems (Specialist) Course Outline:

  • Wheels TPMS system
  • Wheel Suspension specialist
  • Chassis specialist
  • CRD Operation and Components
  • CAN Bus system
  • SRS system
  • Starting and Charging System specialist
  • Engine Mechanical specialist
  • A/C System
  • Oscilloscope Operation
  • Lighting System
  • Electronic Diesel Control
  • Diesel Systems Sensors
  • Automatic Transmission

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