Completing Your Auto Mechanic Course? 4 Tips for Successful Networking within the Auto Industry

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Professional networking is a useful skill set that everyone can work to improve, no matter the industry. In the automotive industry, it is extremely helpful for being able to get your foot in the door and land your dream job. And if you aren’t quite sure what that dream job is yet, then speaking to other professionals in the industry will definitely help you figure it out.

As you complete your course, you’ll want to get a jump start on building up a network of connections in your field. Online resources are becoming increasingly popular for this, and using different platforms allows you to display your knowledge, work ethic, and career goals with a wider audience. Keep reading for our four tips for successful networking within the auto industry.

1. Create a Professional Online Presence to Highlight Your Experience

Creating a curated profile on a platform such as LinkedIn makes it easy for you to market yourself to prospective employers, having your experience and education already listed out in one place. LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites are all great ways to keep up to date with the latest job opportunities, industry leaders, and possible networking opportunities. 

2. Be Prepared with a Resume and Meeting Notes

Before meeting with a networking contact, prepare a resume that highlights your education, experience, prospective date of completion of your auto mechanic course, and any applicable skills to the job you desire. Prepare some notes and research on the professional you’re meeting with, and some questions that will help you get a better understanding of their role, daily tasks, and expectations at their job. Here are some great questions to ask:

  • What do you like or dislike about your job?
  • What type of training and/or experience did you need for this position?
  • How long have you been in this field? And with this company?
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Creating a professional online profile will help you reach more networking contacts

3. Ask for Help after Your Auto Mechanic Training Program

While networking, you don’t have to be afraid to ask for help. Many professionals in the industry are willing to help others who are just starting out through giving advice and tips for getting a breakthrough in the field. Overall, they will want to see you succeed as one of their professional networking contacts.

Whether you want to ask for some advice on how to navigate the completion of your apprenticeship, or you ask for someone to review your resume for you, they will likely be happy to help. Odds are, they were also fresh out of their auto mechanic training program at one point. When you ask for their opinion and advice, they understand that you value their opinion, and they will want to share with you their own experiences and challenges they’ve had along the way. 

Build these relationships based on trust and value, and not the notion that you’re just looking for a job from them. From there, you’ll be setting up a truly useful networking relationship that is seen as mutually beneficial.

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Asking for tips from an industry professional will help you find clarity during your job search

4. Stay in Touch with Your Network to Maintain Relationships

Getting into the habit of following up after networking meetings is a great way to maintain these working relationships. Sending a simple “thank you,” along with a recap of the value you took away from the meeting with them, will let them know you truly appreciated their time.

Beyond this, when you stay connected with these contacts via email and on LinkedIn, you have a better chance of them reaching out to you when they hear of a job opportunity that may fit what you’re looking for. Keeping an open line of communication and exchanging contact information provides that level of professional networking that will prove to be really successful in the long run.

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