Want to be an Auto Mechanic? See How the Chevy E-10 Combines Hot Rod and Pickup

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It’s a hot rod mixing the old with the new—and one that’s great for the environment, to boot. The new Chevrolet E-10 concept truck is a modernized take on the 1962 C-10 pickup. It unites both the hot rod and the pickup truck with a zero-emissions powertrain thrown in for good measure. Having made its debut at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the E-10 is still in the testing stage, but its various features are bound to interest any aspiring mechanic.

Beyond being a hot rod with a vintage body and an electric drivetrain, there’s plenty else to like and admire about the E-10. Here are some things you should know about this impressive new vehicle if you’re looking to become an auto mechanic.

This Zero-Emissions Pickup Will Wow Car Lovers and Environmentalists Alike

While the car’s various features are impressive, perhaps none of them stand out quite as much as its electric zero-emissions powertrain, known as “Connect and Cruise”. Comprised of an automatic transmission, two electric crate motors and two 400-volt batteries, the car’s powertrain also has space for up to three motors to give the vehicle even more power. Any auto mechanic will appreciate how the vehicle also offers two EV battery packs with 120 kWh (60 kWh each) in the E-10’s bed, both of which allow for greater driving range and simultaneous battery charging. Chevrolet says the vehicle produces 450 horsepower through its two eCrate motors—both of which transmit power to the vehicle’s rear wheels.

Any Auto Mechanic Will Enjoy The Vehicle’s Sound-Related Components

The Chevy E-10 also boasts a three-speaker sound emulator system, which replicates the exhaust noise one typically hears coming from a pickup. It also creates an induction sound in the car’s front and a V8 noise in the back. The emulator offers five different sound modes for drivers, including track and touring LS7 tuning, a futuristic sound, a V8 engine sound, or silence. These sounds also adjust automatically to gears changing, with the system providing gear change noises while working in conjunction with the 4L75-E automatic transmission. Students in an auto mechanic course will be intrigued by how these sounds’ automatic adjustments are meant to emulate the sound of internal combustion engines.

The E-10 boasts a fully electric powertrain and battery packs at a total of 120 kWh
The E-10 boasts a fully electric powertrain and battery packs at a total of 120 kWh

The Chevy E-10 Isn’t Just Great for the Environment—It’s Fast, Too

There’s plenty else worth liking about the E-10, including its lowered suspension, large alloy wheels, LED taillamps and headlamps, and, of course, its electric propulsion system. However, what’s just as impressive about this vehicle compared to all the features already mentioned is how the E-10 can accelerate 0 to 60 mph in just five seconds. Additionally, Chevrolet claims it boasts a quarter-mile time clocking in the “high 13-second range.” While it’s unknown how far the E-10 can go on a single charge, Chevrolet has said that they intend on offering products with more range and power to cater to all kinds of car enthusiasts. If this is what the iconic automaker calls “the future of hot-rodding”, we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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