F&I Manager Online Course Objectives

This distance learning program will prepare you to:

  • Comprehensively work with computer-based programs for contracts and financing options.
  • Effectively interview all customers that have agreed to purchase a new or used vehicle.
  • Support the efforts of the sales team.
  • Understand credit statements and bureau reports.
  • Know how to legally disclose documents and contracts to customers. Institutions and understand the benefits of financing versus leasing.
  • Professionally deal with all lenders.

Instruction is provided with text, online computer training and support from experienced automotive professionals trained to deliver ATC’s online business manager courses.

Most students can complete this program within three or four weeks, but progress depends on the student’s schedule and commitment. You have up to 12 months to complete the 11 modules within ATC’s f&I distance learning courses:

  • Module 1 — Introduction to the Automobile Industry
  • Module 2 — Psychology for Automotive Business Managers
  • Module 3 — Business Office Products
  • Module 4 — Best Business Practices
  • Module 5 — Steps to Business Office Success
  • Module 6 — Automotive Finance, Prime and Sub-Prime
  • Module 7 — Automotive Leasing
  • Module 8 — Selling Business Office Products
  • Module 9 — Cash and Bank Conversions
  • Module 10 — Business Management Leadership
  • Module 11 — Glossary of Business Office and Automotive Terms

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