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Engine Performance – Fuel Injection Course

Through ATC’s online fuel injection course, students will learn all about the different types of fuel injection systems, their components, and how they operate. 

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ATC uses an interactive e-learning platform so students can gain hands-on automotive experience without having to leave their homes. Extensive instructor support, online testing, and a flexible class schedule are just a few other perks that ATC’s fuel injection course offers. If you’re looking to launch a successful automotive career, this course provides a great starting point.

Engine Performance – Fuel Injection Course Outline:

  • MPI characteristics
  • MPI operating conditions
  • Multiport injectors
  • GDI characteristics
  • GDI stratified and homogeneous combustion
  • GDI injectors and high-pressure pumps
  • Injection control systems

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Why Choose ATC?

Here are 4 reasons to choose Automotive Training Centre

Smaller classes for better learning outcomes

Flexible schedule: study while you work

Professional real world, industry experienced instructors

Intense hands-on training so you can master your skill set

Kevin Gore-Barrow Automotive Service Technician

My name is Kevin Gore-Barrow,

My interest in cars began at a young age, and that interest was mainly influenced by a close friend. Growing up on the Caribbean Island of Antigua, drag racing is what led me to my obsession with cars. How an engine works and all that is involved in that sparked my interest. I gained some experience working in a few shops, but I still wanted to learn more and hoped to one day become a professional Automotive Service Technician. I did some research online which led me to The Automotive Training Centres. I moved to Vancouver to attend this institution, and I am happy I did.
My instructor was very helpful, teaching me the different systems and parts of an automobile , how they work and also the correct procedures in which to test and diagnose different problems. The staff at ATC made my time here very pleasant, I could not have asked for anything better. The experience and knowledge I have gained from my school has made me fully confident to make my way in the Automotive Industry. I am now a proud graduate of The Automotive Training Centre, and on my way to fulfilling my dream. Thank you ATC for all the knowledge I have gained, and the encouragement and the great learning environment which helped me to become successful in this program. I am now on my way to a successful career thanks to ATC.

Proud Graduate
Kevin Gore -Barrow

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