Engine Performance – Sensor and Ignition System Course

As cars become more fuel efficient and eco-friendly, sensor and ignition systems have become more and more sophisticated. If you want to become a mechanic, it is essential to develop the skills necessary to understand and repair these important systems.

ATC’s online sensor and ignition systems course is designed with automotive careers in mind and offers the practical training you need to excel. Students get the best of both worlds through instructor-led courses in a flexible online format.

Sensor and Ignition System Course Outline

  • DIS and COP Ignition System Operation
  • Ignition Control System
  • O2, HO2, MAFS, AFS, TPS, MAP, ECT, IAT, NOx, CKP, CMP Sensors
  • Knock Sensors and Speed Sensors

Want to become well-versed in sensor and ignition systems?

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