What Students in Auto Mechanic School Should Know About the Retooled 2019 Nissan Altima

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In an automotive market where customers continue to vote with their wallets for SUVs and crossovers, the mid-sized car segment has been struggling. Nissan has made a bold decision in response, choosing to release all versions of the new Altima in Canada with smart all-wheel drive (AWD). The manufacturer is hoping that this big plus in mobility and manoeuvrability will tempt more buyers in tough winter zones, while tweaks to both exterior and interior elements round out the vehicle’s appeal.

A Vehicle That Needs to Address a Difficult Market

It’s been a tough few years for those car models in Canada and the US that don’t offer SUV size or EV credentials. Recent industry announcements have seen several long-running mid-sized family cars, like the Ford Taurus and Chevy Impala, shelved in North America. The writing is on the wall for these older designs, with producers now investing heavily in EVs, as well as trucks and SUVs. Clearly, “standard” cars need to make an effort to stand out.

Nissan’s efforts with the Altima, one of the brand’s best-selling mid-sized cars in North America, is one of the stronger examples of a car of this type mixing things up with new looks and features. Upper tiers of the Altima will feature LED headlights as standard, which will blaze out above a new, lowered cowling setup. On the safety front, three tiers of the car will also feature ProPilot Assist. This semi-autonomous system will assist with lane-centering and with providing braking assistance for both the front and rear wheels.

Grads of Auto Mechanic Courses Will Appreciate Its All-Wheel Drive

The big standout for the 2019 Altima is the provision of “intelligent” new all-wheel drive across every model sold in Canada. Given that grads of auto mechanic school usually recognize this as a feature more commonly associated with vehicles further up the size and price structure, it gives the Altima a kind of X factor. This is an attractive feature for many Canadians who have to deal with snow-packed parking lots and icy roads. Reactive to road conditions and wheel slippage, the AWD system will apply additional torque to all wheels as necessary.

The result? A car that can do more than meets the eye:

Additionally, the torque that the AWD will be distributing will be coming in via a completely new engine setup. The V-6 is out, and in its place, Nissan has opted for a new 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, outputting 179 hp and 177 lb-feet of torque.

Those With Auto Certification Will Note More Inside, Including Bigger Screens and More Space

The push for better tech and visibility within the interior of family cars has been observed by pros with auto certification for some time now. The new Altima is no slouch in this department. One of the most prominent features of the 2019 model is the overall lowering of the front dash level, making for a more expansive and open view for the driver.

As standard, the car will feature an enlarged, high-resolution, 8-inch multi-touch display, which rises out of the dashboard to the right of the driver. Combined with another high-quality display behind the steering wheel, and with expanded legroom, the experience of spending time inside the new Altima looks set to be a considerably more comfortable one. Whether the buying public warms to it, though, remains to be seen.

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