Deciding on a Custom Paint Job: How Auto Refinishing Prep Technicians Help Clients Choose Wisely

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Selecting the right custom paint job for a client’s vehicle should consist of collaborating with the client to find a final design that suits the vehicle’s look and purpose as well as the client’s vision. There are a whole host of technical choices and cultural connotations that come along with custom paint jobs—and part of your role will be to guide the client to the finished product that most closely resembles his or her ideal outcome.

How can you help clients decide on the right paint job? Here are some points auto refinishing prep technicians know to consider.

Auto Refinishing Prep Technicians Know to Get the Right Colour for the Right Car Design

Simply put, there are certain colours that have been established as being both more aesthetically popular as well as practical for particular vehicles.

For example, bright and expressive colours like Giallo Modena Yellow or Lightning Blue Metallic tend to be closely associated with flashier vehicles, such as those that prize luxury or high performance—think striking yellow tri-coats for Lotus or Lamborghini sports cars. These kinds of colour choices may not suit the likes of a family minivan or pickup truck. Similarly, choosing a colour that simply wasn’t around in the era of a vintage car is something to be aware of. This may affect the “genuine” factor in the vehicle’s appearance.

The design of the vehicle will also sometimes be a clear indicator that certain colours should be approached with caution. A common example would include choosing white or silver—colours that emphasize the visibility of mud and grime—for a vehicle that is clearly a workhorse like a Ford F150. Does the client really want to spend their money on a design that will ensure dirt stands out on their vehicle?

Ultimately, there should be clear consultation with the vehicle owner. The final choice comes down to the paying client, but a general consultation on both the purpose and the feel of the vehicle should be carried out before any job is commenced. This way, a client doesn’t end up with an unexpected result that they ultimately won’t like.

Avoid High Impact Choices if the Client Feels Unsure

Every auto refinishing prep technician has heard stories about buyer’s remorse when it comes to choosing more ostentatious designs like “statement” images on the paintwork. Such an individualized choice may affect the resell prospects for the vehicle. In addition, a client might quickly get tired of a flashy or trendy option.

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Bold paint jobs can affect a car’s resale value

If your client expresses sustained enthusiasm for a particularly stand-out option, you can proceed with confidence. Otherwise, gently guiding your client towards alternatives can result in an overall happier outcome. This gentle guidance is a good asset for those seeking careers in auto painting.

As an Auto Refinishing Prep Technician, Educate the Client on Finishing Choices

Once your client has settled on a paint colour that satisfies them aesthetically and suits the vehicle’s design, the details of how the paint should be applied and layered should be covered. There are a range of options that are almost as broad as the amount of colours available.

The client should be fully advised on the differences between single stage paints (which are less expensive in materials and labour), the more premium level basecoat/clear coat, and the top-of-the-line tri-coat application, which includes a basecoat, then a special metallic finish, and finally a clear coat.

Depending on the client’s budget, the professional technician should be able to effectively ascertain the right finish level for their needs. Settling on and then delivering that finish is the crucial final step in a quality custom paint job.

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