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Considering a New Career? A Day in the Life of an Auto Parts Specialist

An auto parts specialist is responsible for managing inventories and processing the distribution of parts and supplies for internal usage. You’ll act as a liaison between the store and the…
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3 Reasons Why Internal Communication Is an Important Skill for those in Auto Careers

Internal communication is an essential feature of any successful business. With good internal communication, there’s an open flow of useful information and messages between the individuals of a business. That…
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5 Qualities That Will Help You Achieve Success After Dispatcher School

The transportation industry is one of Canada’s largest sectors, and dispatching professionals are the ones who know what it takes to ensure that operations go smoothly. The dispatching profession encompasses…
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Considering Auto Service Training? Tips for Improving a Vehicle’s Sustainability

Nowadays, more and more car owners are looking for ways they can reduce their carbon footprint. It’s no secret that the automotive industry is making moves towards greener options, such…
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How To Use a Clay Bar on Cars For Students of Auto Detailing Courses

Vehicles kept outside are consistently exposed to environmental toxins and weather contaminants. Over time, these vehicles accumulate layers of dirt including tar, brake dust, dead bugs, and tree sap. Particles…
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