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What Is Downhill Cruise Control? Hill Descent Control Explained for Those in Automotive School

Downhill cruise control allows drivers to have the safest possible ride down a steep incline. Also known as hill descent control, this system allows anti-lock brake systems and traction control…
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What’s in a GPS? A List of Everything a Vehicle’s GPS System Should Have for Those in Auto Careers

In the old days, drivers really had to know where they were going before they got in their cars. The absence of smartphones meant having routes pre-planned, and asking for…
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If You Want to Become an Auto Mechanic, Find out Why Brake Dust Can Be Harmful to the Environment

Brake dust, the gray-black sediment that can be found lingering on a vehicle’s wheels, is no longer considered only as a potential problem to the vehicle. While some proportion of…
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Want to Become a Certified Mechanic? Check Out the Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari continues to impress as king of supercars with the 2020 F8 Spider, possibly best described as an evolution of the 488 Spider. Notable changes to the new design on…
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These Strange Gearbox Configurations Will Amaze Automotive School Students

Sometimes doing things the traditional way gets boring, we get it. But auto manufacturers truly went the extra mile when they decided how to design the gearboxes of certain models….
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