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A Peek at the 2021 Audi A7 for Those Interested in Auto Careers

Audi has long been one of the world’s premier luxury car manufacturers. With the car maker’s 2021 A7 model, Audi’s commitment to combining prestige and performance is on full display….
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Taking a Car Repair Course? 4 Signs The Alternator Needs Attention

Whenever there’s a problem with a vehicle’s alternator, there are many signs that may reveal themselves. You may already be aware of the alternator as the location that the electricity…
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The Causes of White Exhaust Smoke for Those with Careers in the Auto Industry

For any car owner, seeing thick and heavy amounts of white smoke coming out from their exhaust pipe is a major red flag. More often than not, it indicates that…
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Want to Become an Auto Mechanic? Look out for these Signs of a Malfunctioning Muffler

Mufflers are supposed to make driving a vehicle a more pleasant experience, but a malfunctioning muffler can be a significant inconvenience for vehicle owners. In vehicles equipped with internal combustion…
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In Automotive School? Check Out the Most Bizarre Driving Laws Around the World

Imagine a world without speed limit regulations or driver’s license requirements. Not only would this be unsafe, it would probably be pretty chaotic. Countries around the world have developed a…
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