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The Difference Between a Driveshaft and Drive Axle Explained for Those with Auto Mechanic Training

There are many components which work together to make a vehicle’s drive train function properly. In order to obtain the right amount of torque and power, a vehicle relies on…
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The Benefits of Combining Classroom Theory with Hands-On Training in Automotive School

If you’re considering launching your career as an auto mechanic, a good training program will be the key to your success. Effective training is essential when it comes to being…
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What Those in a Professional Mechanic Career Should Know About Using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

When a vehicle’s tires aren’t correctly pressurized, a lot can go wrong. Low tires can affect a vehicle’s fuel economy, as underinflated tires will be more resistant to rolling, requiring…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? Why Practical Training is Essential to Advancing Your Career

If you’re preparing to launch your career as a mechanic, there’s no better way to ensure your success than through practical training. Mechanics have a wide range of practical skills…
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What a Professional Auto Mechanic Should Know About the Lifespan of Electric Batteries

Drivers may opt for electric vehicles for a number of reasons, including their reduced environmental impact, lack of need for fuel, and less demand for routine maintenance. Purchasing an electric…
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