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A Brief History of the Car Muffler for Those With Auto Careers

Whenever you hear a car without a muffler, it’s a swift reminder of just how important this device is for stifling noise pollution. Not only does a car cruising around…
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4 Roadside Tips Everyone in Automotive School Should Know

We’ve all seen the poor guy on the side of the road, scratching his head with the car hood up trying to assess what went wrong. But is it prudent…
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A Brief History of Convertible Cars for Students in Auto Mechanic School

There’s just something magical about a convertible. Feeling the wind through your hair, and hearing that growl of the engine surround you as you accelerate – it all just seems…
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What Those With Auto Careers Should Know About the Importance of Keeping Vehicles In Top Condition

A car is either in top condition, or needs to be brought back up to top condition. That’s where the auto mechanic come in. There are 1,0001 ways a car…
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The Best Looking F1 Cars of All Time for Those in Automotive School

This year’s Formula 1 is now well underway. As any car fanatic will tell you, while the F1 is very much about the speed and power of cars—and the skills…
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