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Here’s How Strong Social Skills Can Help You When You Become a Mechanic

As a mechanic, you’ll need to have plenty of technical skills and love working with your hands. However, what is easy to overlook is that having great communication and interpersonal…
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Learn the Right Order for Cleaning a Car for Your Auto Detailing Career

As a professional auto detailer, you must develop a system that allows you to be as effective and thorough as possible. Finding a balance between speed and quality is important…
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Top Cars for Long-Distance Commutes According to Expert Auto Mechanics

Auto mechanics understand the importance of choosing the right car. But choosing the right car is usually a matter of what you intend to use it for. Certain cars are…
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3 Things Every Automotive Mechanic Should Know About Ethanol Fuel

If you’re looking for a fuel that can also reduce your carbon footprint, this might just be it. Ethanol is an environmentally-friendly alternative type of fuel, as it’s made from…
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3 Highlights from the Frankfurt Auto Show for Anyone Who Wants to Become a Mechanic

Held every second year, the Frankfurt Auto Show (also known as the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung or IAA) in Germany is one of the most significant events on the year’s motor calendar….
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