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3 Types of Preventive Maintenance Every Automotive Maintenance Technician Should Know

Preventive maintenance is a big part of your job as a technician and it has the obvious benefit of saving cars from serious problems down the road. Plus, your customers…
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[Infographic] Four Seasons: Auto Detailing Throughout the Year

One of the most common questions that automotive detailers are asked is: When is the right time of year to have a car detailed? The answer is a little more…
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Top 4 Questions Asked in Job Interviews to Become an Automotive Maintenance Technician

Job interviews can be nerve wracking, and ones to become automotive maintenance technicians are no exception. However, by preparing for questions that might be asked you will feel more confident…
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3 Job Opportunities You Might Not Expect to Get Following Your Dispatch Training

Dispatching: it’s a world full of possibilities. All over the country, dispatchers play an essential role in making sure that shipments reach their destinations. That helps keep store shelves stocked,…
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A History of the Invention of Four Wheel Drive for Students at Automotive Service Technician School

Sometimes, fine-tuning things to make them perfect can take a really, really long time. Back in the early 1900s, cars were largely based around two-wheel drive, where the rear wheels…
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