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Looking for an Automotive School in Montreal? 3 Great Reasons to Choose ATC

The automotive industry is one of the most extensive and dynamic industries in the world. In Canada alone, over 162,000 people work in auto technical trades, and the opportunities for …
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How Those with Auto Detailing Training Can Improve Headlight Visibility

Have you ever been driving at night and noticed that some vehicles’ headlights are dimmer than others? Unfortunately, headlights aren’t designed to stay bright forever. In most vehicles, the headlights…
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Attending Auto Mechanic College? 4 Common Power Steering Problems Typically Seen in Cars

A vehicle’s power steering system is the component that allows drivers to handle their vehicle with ease. Without it, these heavy pieces of machinery would be much harder to maneuver….
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A Look at the Tesla Semi for those Interested in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

The Tesla Semi has the potential to change the game within the transportation industry. This all-electric, aerodynamically designed beauty is now available for rental or purchase, with some unprecedented advantages…
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Regenerative vs. Friction Braking Systems: The Difference Explained for Anyone Pursuing an Auto Career

As more and more drivers opt for hybrid or electric vehicles, regenerative braking systems have become increasingly common to use. While traditional fiction brakes are known primarily for stopping the…
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