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5 FAQs to Expect From New Customers Throughout Your Auto Repair Career

Taking a car to be repaired only happens if the car’s been in an accident or is somehow functioning sub-optimally, which is why many people have a lot of questions…
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The Works of George Barris: Remembering a Man Every Auto Body Technician Aspires to Become

Legendary custom car builder George Barris recently passed away at the age of 89. Barris produced some of the most iconic vehicles seen on television and the silver screen throughout…
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Look Who Dropped In Today: Muhammad Awars

A recent graduate from our AT-22 Mechanics program in March, Muhammed has recently started his apprenticeship program at Kharia Auto Shop. He hopes to have his own garage one day….
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Arresting Style: Dubai Adds BMW i8 to its Police Fleet

Every auto-lover knows that the Dubai Police Department already has a fairly diverse fleet of luxury law enforcement vehicles. One would think it couldn’t possibly get much better than a…
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Pickup Trucks for the City: Which Models are Best?

Back in the day, you would become a mechanic, get a job in an urban environment, and expect to work on a steady flow of small cars and sedans. These…
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