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If You’re in Automotive School, Look Out for the Genesis GV70 in 2021

The upcoming Genesis GV70 is a fresh, exciting take on the typical SUV. Hyundai’s luxury brand has unveiled plans for the fifth model in its lineup. First previewed last October,…
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When Auto Mechanic School Graduates Should Conduct a Compression Test on a Vehicle’s Engine

While today’s modern combustion engine may seem invincible due to all the technological advancements they’ve undergone in the past century, an engine is not immune to the effects of wear…
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Maserati MC20: What Those in Automotive School Should Know

The new Maserati MC20 is looking like it will feature many exciting firsts for the Italian manufacturer in its most innovative model yet. Unveiled in early September, the Maserati-made MC20…
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4 Facts About Automotive Welding for Those Interested in Automotive School

No one’s born with the know-how on fusing metal pieces together with an open flame. Inherently dangerous and testy to master, welding must be patiently learned and diligently practiced for…
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4 Things to Know About Timing Chains for Auto Mechanic School

Without timing chains, a car literally cannot go anywhere. A timing chain acts in a similar way to a timing belt, connecting the camshaft and crankshaft in order to allow…
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