What Students in Service Advisor Courses Need to Know About Hyundai’s Voice-Controlled Assistant

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From smart phones to smart speakers to TVs, there’s no shortage of modern technological devices that are integrating voice-controlled assistants—and for good reason. Having the ability to ask for a thing in plain language and have your device deliver it—whether that’s information or a particular function that you’re looking to execute—can be incredibly convenient and even fun. Now, automakers like Hyundai are taking notice and looking to add this functionality to their own cars.

Curious about what Hyundai’s take on voice assistant integration might look like? Here’s what you need to know about what they have planned.

Hyundai’s Voice Assistant Wants to Make Driving More Pleasant

As with other voice assistants, the goal with Hyundai’s offering—dubbed the “Intelligent Personal Assistant”—is to deliver information to drivers on the go and provide them with easier access to favourite features. From suggesting departure times to drivers to allowing them to adjust the air conditioning, locks, or sunroof, Hyundai’s system intends to make it a lot easier for drivers to access whatever it is that they want.

From a convenience standpoint, the advantage is pretty obvious, but there may also be some benefits to safety. Less time spent looking around the cabin or at the dash to access features means more time and attention spent looking at the road. As your service advisor career progresses, try to see how often you see cars with voice assistants brought in for distracted driving-related incidents. There’s a decent chance that they’ll fare a good deal better.

Less time spent looking for knobs and buttons could make Hyundai drivers safer
Less time spent looking for knobs and buttons could make Hyundai drivers safer

Pros in Service Advisor Careers Should Note the Assistant’s Abilities Outside the Car

As people begin to connect all the devices in their homes to the internet, remote access to these devices is becoming a much-desired feature. Recognizing this, the team behind Hyundai’s assistant is making an effort to integrate their voice assistant with connected devices at home.

Speaking special commands could allow drivers to do things like adjust their connected thermostats, or turn off the smart light bulbs they accidentally left on when they drove away. Just how well the Intelligent Personal Assistant will integrate with the dozens of smart platforms that are out there remains to be seen, but the fact that the effort is being made could be enough to entice some of the techies Hyundai wants to bring on board. You might see that the cars that can connect with smart homes could become more popular after you complete auto service college.

Smart cars will need to connect with smart homes to find market success
Smart cars will need to connect with smart homes to find market success

There’s a Big Obstacle to this System’s Success that Hyundai Will Have to Reckon With

The biggest problem with Hyundai’s personal assistant? Even if it’s great, it might just be too late to the party. Owners of Amazon’s Echo lineup of speakers and screens have grown accustomed to the features included in its “Alexa” assistant; for Android users and owners of Google Home products, the same is true for the Google Assistant. Even Apple, which hasn’t made it to market with its own smart speaker yet, has still built a decent user base for its own voice assistant, Siri, thanks to its inclusion in iOS devices for the past several years.

The trend in tech today has largely been other companies adopting these three voice assistants to enhance their products, not introducing their own competitor. For Hyundai’s assistant to be worth people’s time, it will need to at least integrate with one of the current powerhouse players in the voice assistant space, making it more like a fancy add-on to an existing smart ecosystem than an original player. Don’t be surprised, though, if companies like BWM, which is integrating Alexa into its vehicles, find far more success in attracting fans of voice assistants.

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