Common Problems With Manual Cars That Auto Service Writers Know All too Well

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Auto service writers have an important job. Often the first point of contact when a customer comes into a shop with car troubles, service writers work directly with the customer to figure out what repairs need to be performed, coordinate with the technician on duty, and make sure the process runs smoothly and the customer leaves satisfied with their experience.

In order to do their job correctly, service writers need to be aware of different problems that can occur in certain types of vehicles, like manuals, for example. While vehicles with a manual transmission are becoming less and less popular, there are still quite a few on the roads today. And because many of the manual cars still being driven are older, they’re bound to end up in the shop with issues at one point or another.

If you want to become an auto service writer, here are some common problems with manual cars you may encounter during your career.

Auto Service Writers Will See Trouble Shifting When Transmission Fluid Hasn’t Been Changed

Transmission fluid, which lubricates the moving parts in a vehicle’s transmission system and ensures everything is operating smoothly, is essential for keeping a vehicle working safely. Without transmission fluid at the proper levels, drivers run the risk of not being able to shift correctly or at all, which can be quite dangerous when driving on fast-moving highways or around blind corners. Thus, it’s important that customers have their transmission fluid changed on the interval recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. If an auto service writer notices that a manual vehicle is having trouble shifting, they should always make sure to check the transmission fluid levels.

Clutch Slips Are a Common Problem Auto Service Writers Might See in Manual Cars

It’s not uncommon to encounter a slipping clutch in manual vehicles. A working clutch is essential, as it has the important job of passing energy from the engine to the transmission and then the wheels. When a clutch slips, it means that it’s failing to deliver power to the transmission, and all the power is instead going to waste. Some warning signs of a slipping clutch include unexpected changes in engine speed, change in clutch pedal height, and even a burning smell coming from under the hood.

Manual Cars Commonly Suffer From a Loud Transmission, Indicative of a Larger Problem

When a car’s transmission starts making random noises, it’s likely that something is malfunctioning under the hood. There are many types of troublesome sounds a transmission can make, and different noises may indicate different problems. For example, if a transmission is making noise when the vehicle is in neutral, it likely means that the vehicle’s transmission fluid levels need to be topped off. It could also mean that the transmission may have worn-out parts that need to be replaced.

If the transmission makes rattling noises when shifting gears, it may require further investigation to figure out what’s happening. Likely causes to watch out for once you become an automotive service writer include a fluid leak, the range switch failing, or even an issue with the transmission pump.

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If a customer’s transmission is making strange noises, it could be indicating a problem

Manual Cars May Become Slow to Respond to Acceleration

Another common problem that can occur in manual vehicles is when the driver revs the engine to accelerate, but the vehicle’s actual speed doesn’t change accordingly. This could mean that the clutch is worn out. It could even mean that the clutch is completely broken and may require a replacement. However, sometimes a simple change of the transmission fluid can be enough to get the transmission operating properly again.

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