What Auto Service Writers Need to Know About the Most Dangerous Car Problems Owners Often Ignore

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Some car troubles—like a radio that doesn’t work or a broken glove compartment—are just a nuisance. Other car problems, however, can have serious consequences if they are ignored. Many car owners ignore troublesome symptoms far longer than they should and put themselves and others on the road at risk while doing so. As a future auto service writer, it’s up to you to recognize potentially dangerous issues and point them out to customers, making sure they get the repairs they need to stay safe on the road.

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Once You Become an Auto Service Writer, You Might See Customers Ignore Tire Problems

Any professional auto service writer will tell you that tires are extremely important. After all, they’re what connect a vehicle to the road. There are several tire problems that owners tend to ignore, such as tire bulges, which will typically occur when a vehicle drives over debris while overinflated. When this happens, air ends up being pushed into the sidewall of the tire, which causes the tire to be stretched very thin, making it prone to bursting while driving at high speeds or on hot roads. A blown tire is extremely dangerous, so it’s always best to deal with tire bulges right away.

Another common and dangerous tire problem is overuse. Many owners will put off replacing their tires even though the tread is completely worn down. Without tread, tires can’t grip the road effectively, making it difficult for a driver to stop safely when travelling at high speeds, on slippery roads, or around corners.

Low or Dirty Fluids Are a Common Problem Many Vehicle Owners Ignore

While many car owners think of them as an afterthought, fluids play an extremely important role in a car’s ability to operate. Ignoring fluid levels or leaky or dirty fluids may not only damage the vehicle, but it could also create dangerous driving conditions. For example, if a vehicle’s oil level is too low, the engine will seize, which could cause irreversible or costly damage to the engine. Low brake fluid, on the other hand, may cause brakes to be almost ineffective, creating extremely dangerous driving conditions.

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Low oil can cause irreversible damage to a car’s engine

Auto Service Writers Sometimes See Customers Ignore Burnt Out Headlights

While a burnt out headlight or brake light may seem like a simple problem to fix, you might be surprised by how many owners procrastinate replacing their headlights. Aside from ending up with a costly ticket if caught by the authorities, burnt out headlights and brake lights could cause a serious accident. Headlights help drivers on the road know where each other are, and brake lights let drivers know what each other are doing. Once you become an automotive service writer, making sure that your customers’ lights are in working order will help keep roads safer for everyone.

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Working brake lights are important because they keep passengers safe

Rust Is a Dangerous Problem Many Car Owners Do Nothing About

Many people, especially owners of older cars, accept the fact that their vehicle has rust. A small amount of rust is most likely not very dangerous. However, as the rust spreads and corrodes more of the vehicle, it can start to impact the car’s structural integrity. This could mean that in the case of an accident, the vehicle is a lot less safe for passengers. If a customer comes into your shop with rust, always make sure to suggest ways to make their vehicle safe again.

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