Auto Service Advisors Know These 5 Cars Are Among the Most Expensive to Maintain


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When it comes to car repairs, there is as much variation in maintenance prices as there is variation in the car market itself. From simple procedures like oil changes to parts replacements and engine repairs, each vehicle carries its own rates. These rates can rise depending on the need for specialized labour costs, imported parts, and high-grade components. Additionally, the average cost to keep these vehicles roadworthy will vary as the car ages.

All these factors combined mean that some cars will cost a little less to maintain, while others will come with above average costs. Auto Service Advisors, who provide essential customer service as well as parts and labour estimates for clients, are well-positioned to note which vehicles require big investments in order to stay on the road.

Which cars are among the most expensive to maintain? Here are five of the most financially demanding cars.

The BMW 328i: You’ll See This Car Bring in Big Costs in Your Automotive Service Advisor Career

When it comes to prices for both parts and labour, luxury European brands like BMW will always hit owners harder. Among the many pricey BMWs you might see roll into the shop once you become an auto service advisor is the expensive-to-maintain 328i. The need to import parts from abroad is a contributing factor in this vehicle’s hefty maintenance cost. In fact, the average driver can expect to shell out a whopping $15,600 USD ($20,000 CAD) to keep this vehicle in good condition over a 10-year timespan. When an auto service advisor sees this vehicle arriving for servicing, he or she knows it will likely come with a high estimate for maintenance or repairs.

Good Luck Reining in Maintenance Costs With the Ford Mustang

Ford’s Mustang has been a common sight on North American highways for over fifty years. Complete with an engine that prioritizes power and performance, the brand’s Sixth Generation has become increasingly common with this company’s renaissance in recent years.

However, the Mustang requires a lot of attention and grooming to keep on the road long-term. It was cited as the most expensive vehicle to keep on the road over the 240,000-kilometre mark. In fact, the Mustang is even more costly than the BMW 328i, needing an eye-watering $27,100 USD ($34,700 CAD) to stay roadworthy.

The Mercedes-Benz E350: Imported Luxury with High Costs Attached
Similar to the BMW effect, Mercedes-Benz vehicles tend to require a premium price to keep in top working condition. With both manufacturers having a long, illustrious history, complete with a no-compromise reputation in terms of both quality and road performance, high maintenance costs are a fact of life for owners of the Mercedes-Benz E350.

Its pricey parts and demanding engine mean keeping the Mercedes-Benz E350 in top shape will cost an average of $14,700 USD ($18,800 CAD) to maintain and repair over a decade. With an emphasis on high quality components, the E350 tends to incur costs that are considerably higher than other brands, should serious repairs—such as a radiator replacement—crop up.

The Ford Explorer: An SUV Auto Service Advisors Know Comes With a Big Price Tag

The Ford Explorer is one of the more established full-sized SUVs on the market, having existed in various versions since the early 1990s. However, a professional with an automotive service advisor career will know the Explorer needs substantial maintenance over its lifespan, and is one of the more costly SUVs to keep roadworthy. It takes an average cost of $7,800 USD ($10,000 CAD) to keep it on the road over its first 120,000 kilometres—a number that climbs to $23,100 ($29,600 CAD) past the 240,000-kilometre mark.

The Chrysler Sebring: A Notoriously Expensive and Unpopular Vehicle

A mid-sized vehicle that lasted for about five years on the market, Chrysler’s Sebring never really attained a sparkling reputation as a luxury vehicle. It received a particularly poor reception in Europe for its build quality, and its reliability became something of a sticking point in North America. This may have been a factor in its replacement with the revamped Chrysler 200 in 2010. Any experienced auto service advisor will recognize it as being among the worst vehicles in terms of cost to maintain, with an approximate cost of $17,100 USD ($21,900 CAD) over 10 years to keep this vehicle on the road.

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