About to Begin Your Auto Mechanic Career? 3 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Lube Rack Specialist

how to become a mechanic

The start to an auto mechanic career is an exciting journey filled with a number of rewarding steps in the process. From first choosing your trade, to completing pre-apprenticeship training, to landing your dream job in an auto body shop, there isn’t a dull moment!

The public relies on auto mechanics as the first point-of-contact when something goes wrong with a vehicle. A career as an auto mechanic is fulfilling, as you continuously help those in your community not only with their daily mode of transportation, but also with their expensive purchases. 

You can get started on  this career path with the Auto Mechanic Pre-Apprenticeship program at ATC Surrey,  gearing you towards entry level positions in the field. One common entry level position is the lube rack specialist – read on for three reasons to consider this great option!

1. You’ll Gain Entry Level Experience to Build Upon

A lube rack specialist, also called a lube rack technician, is someone who has started formal basic training as a mechanic. It’s a great entry level position for anyone looking to build their experience for an auto repair career.

Lube rack technicians specialize in lubricating various components of a vehicle, including providing oil changes – but your duties as a lube rack tech won’t stop there. You’ll also gain experience in light vehicle repairs, general vehicle inspections and maintenance (tire changes and inflation), and replacing important parts such as engines and batteries.

auto repair career
A lube rack specialist assists with light vehicle repairs as well as inspections and maintenance

2. Entry Level Lube Technicians Learn on the Job

As you continue working as a lube rack specialist, you will begin to learn much more about the role of mechanics in an auto body shop. This is huge for your auto mechanic career, as you’ll get to see first hand how a mechanic operates day-to-day.

A lube rack specialist works in an auto repair shop, so naturally you will be surrounded by other professionals in your field. Getting your foot in the door by becoming a lube tech will allow you to build your knowledge base and learn from experienced individuals that you will be working alongside each day. Lube rack specialists who make the most of this hands-on experience will advance their skills in communication, cooperation, coordination, and attention to detail by working with their team in the shop. These are the skills that will prepare you to advance your career in the auto industry. 

3. Customer Interactions Prepare You for More Advanced Roles in an Auto Repair Career

Not only does working with vehicles prepare you for your role as an auto mechanic, but so do your interactions with the people that bring those vehicles in. Customer service plays a big role in the field of auto mechanics, and maintaining composure and professionalism while addressing customer concerns is essential to providing a good service. 

auto mechanic career
As a lube rack specialist, you will gain necessary customer service skills for your auto mechanic career

Working as a lube rack specialist will help you develop these customer service skills as you interact with the clients and advocate for their satisfaction. Performing consistent, quality services reassures customers that their vehicles are operating without error. Understanding customer needs and getting comfortable addressing conflicts will make you more confident in your ability to offer high level services – making you all the more appealing to prospective employers!

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