Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship Certification in Vancouver

In British Columbia, upon successful graduation of our Auto Mechanic Pre-Apprenticeship program, students may get credit toward their first level of apprenticeship by contacting the Industry Training Authority (ITA). They may also get some hours credited towards their Auto Mechanic Certification (apprenticeship); that determination is to the discretion of their Auto Mechanic Employers. This is how the Auto Mechanic Certification (Apprenticeship) works:

  • The Auto Mechanic Certification (Apprenticeship) has 4 levels
  • Each Level is approximately 180 hours of complementary training
  • You will need to complete 6480 workplace hours (approximately 3-4 years)
  • You will need to pass practical assessments and a written exam at each level

In Canada the Auto Mechanic Career is a recognized trade which means that Auto Mechanic professionals, whom have obtained their status of journeymen, are able to obtain a “Red Seal” endorsement on their Certificate of Qualification. They will need to successfully complete an Inter-Provincial Standards Exam and have the correct amount of documented work based hours.

The Interprovincial Standards “Red Seal” provides the ability to Auto Mechanic Journeymen to work in any Canadian Province or territory.

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