A Day in the Life of a Parts Driver After Automotive Training

The world of automotive repair keeps the wheels of commerce (and everyday life) turning. But behind the scenes, parts drivers ensure mechanics have the parts they need. If you’re considering automotive training and wondering what a career as a parts driver entails, buckle up – we’re taking you on a ride-along!

The Early Bird Gets the Route

The day starts well before most engines roar to life. Parts drivers typically begin their day early, arriving at the warehouse before dawn. This allows them to load their vehicles – usually customized vans or trucks – with the parts ordered by repair shops throughout the day. 

Here, your automotive training comes in handy. Understanding various car models and their parts – from brake pads to engine filters – helps you load and organize the vehicle. You might use a computerized inventory system to ensure you have the right parts and quantities loaded. 

Hitting the Road

With the van stocked, it’s time to hit the road. Parts drivers navigate a carefully planned route, visiting a designated list of repair shops throughout the day. Your navigation and problem-solving skills become valuable as you identify landmarks and navigate traffic, ensuring timely deliveries. 

While delivering parts is a core responsibility, the role often goes beyond that. Parts drivers are a vital link between the warehouse and the repair shops. 

Troubleshooting Orders: Mechanics might call you with questions about specific parts or their compatibility with certain vehicles. Your knowledge gained from auto parts training helps you understand the inquiries and offer solutions. You may have to suggest alternative parts or troubleshoot potential issues from the mechanic’s description.
Building Relationships: Regular interaction with repair shop staff fosters strong relationships. You become a familiar face, someone they trust for quick parts deliveries and friendly automotive advice (within your expertise, of course!).

 A male parts driver completing a delivery after automotive training
Auto parts training equips you with the skills to troubleshoot orders and answer queries

A Day Full of Variety After Automotive Training

Every day is different for a parts driver. While the core route remains consistent, the specific parts needed by repair shops can vary. You might be delivering a critical engine component one day and a box of wiper blades the next. This variety keeps the job dynamic and interesting.

Modern parts delivery often involves technology. Some companies utilize digital order systems where repair shops can request parts electronically. You may use a mobile device to receive real-time updates on orders, optimize your route, or provide electronic receipts upon delivery.

The Final Lap

As the day progresses, you’ll complete your deliveries, ensuring all repair shops have received their requested parts. Finally, you’ll return to the warehouse, unload any leftover parts, and potentially restock your vehicle for the next day’s deliveries.

A career as a parts driver can be a rewarding first step in the automotive industry. The knowledge and experience you gain can open doors to further training and career advancement. 

Here are some potential paths:

  • Parts Counter Sales: Your experience interacting with mechanics and understanding their needs can be valuable in transitioning to a parts counter sales position, where you’d directly assist customers in selecting the right parts.
  • Service Technician Training: Your automotive knowledge can be a stepping stone towards becoming a certified service technician. This involves additional training and certifications, allowing you to diagnose and repair vehicles directly. 
A smiling male auto parts driver holding a notepad after automotive training
A career as a parts driver can be a rewarding first step into the automotive industry

So, is a Parts Driver Career Right for You?

If you enjoy a dynamic work environment, are interested in cars, and like building relationships, then a career as a parts driver could be a great fit. It offers a taste of the automotive world, utilizes the knowledge gained from training, and provides a foundation for further exploration within the industry. 

Ready to jumpstart your automotive career? Consider enrolling in ATC Toronto’s automotive training program! With dedication and the proper training, you could soon navigate the exciting world of parts delivery and beyond. 

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