3 Entry-Level Positions to Kickstart Your Career After Auto Parts Training

If you like to understand the mechanics of how things work, you may be interested in learning about car parts in a professional training program. If that sounds like something that interests you, you may be wondering what sort of career path you could pursue after graduation. Luckily, there are many options to choose from. Here are three entry-level positions to explore after auto parts training and a taste of what they might be like. Keep reading to learn all about warehousing, shipping and receiving, and sales jobs!

1. Put Your Selling Skills to Succeed in Retail 

Selling automotive parts significantly increases a shop’s revenue. When you gain a clear understanding of automotive parts and hone your sales skills, you can be an extremely valuable team member, bringing a significant amount of capital into your workplace. If you’re unsure of your ability to sell, know that it’s an incredibly trainable skill! 

What exactly does it take to be an excellent salesperson? Product expertise is a definite requirement for effective sales, one that you’ll master in our Automotive Parts training program. In addition to knowing their product inside and out, great salespeople possess an understanding of people’s needs, motivations, and pain points. They know how to draw out this information in order to pique interest and close sales. In a sales role, you’ll also need business expertise and problem-solving skills. There is plenty of need for professional salespeople after auto parts training

Sales are a lucrative, fun entry-level position to explore after auto parts training.

2. Love to Drive? Work in Transporting Parts 

Fulfilling orders is an important part of working with automotive parts, and any auto careers for that matter. Drivers are needed to transport goods from warehouses to auto shops and dealerships. If you enjoy driving, transporting parts is an excellent way to do something you love while working in a lucrative position. Auto parts delivery drivers are typically required to hold a valid G license. Your responsibilities include dealing with customers courteously, delivering parts, checking orders to make sure that they match invoices, and maintaining accurate mileage records.

If you love driving, consider delivering auto parts after completing auto parts training.

3. Consider Becoming a Warehouse Clerk After Auto Parts Training

The principal objective of warehouse clerks is to manage and supervise goods in a warehouse setting, ensuring that it runs smoothly and team members have access to the parts they need. Specific duties include sorting, cataloging, preparing orders, and helping customers. 

In the automotive industry, warehouse clerks need to have an advanced understanding of vehicle parts and how they work, as they’re required to combine their knowledge of vehicles with their excellent communication skills to help customers choose the right replacement parts. They use their attention to detail to ensure that invoices are correct and that the right orders have been picked for fulfillment. 

A warehouse clerk role offers graduates the opportunity to gain highly transferable skills that can help you advance your career. With the chance to perfect your organizational skills while working in this hands-on position, you can climb the ladder toward a managerial position in an auto shop. 

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