An Introduction To Canadian EV Brand AXL For The Future Hybrid And Electric Vehicle Mechanic

The global electric and hybrid vehicles industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, with innovative brands emerging to meet the rising demand for sustainable transportation. Among these forward-thinking companies is AXL, a Canadian EV brand that has captured attention with its unique approach to electric mobility. Founded in 2020 in Toronto, AXL is committed to revolutionizing the way we commute by offering a seamless blend of advanced technology, design excellence, and environmental consciousness at affordable prices.

Entering the electric vehicle market may seem like a daunting task, with established big brands and players dominating the current landscape. However, AXL is defying those odds and has positioned itself as a promising contender in this rapidly evolving industry. While the EV market may appear saturated, there is still ample room for new innovative players to emerge and thrive. With an annual increase of nearly 42,000, the highest to date, the number of registered hybrid and electric vehicles in Quebec alone has reached more than 170,000 by the end of 2022. The increasing global demand for electric vehicles, coupled with evolving regulations and incentives favoring sustainable transportation, creates a favorable environment for innovative brands to make their mark. 

Core Values and mission of AXL 

At AXL, the core belief is that more people would embrace electric mobility if luxury electric vehicles were more affordable. The company’s obsession with creating luxury electric vehicles stems from the belief that affordability should not necessitate compromising on luxury. AXL firmly believes that customers can have both without making compromises.

The Canadian EV company is rooted in six core values that guide its approach to electric mobility. The company’s first value is simplicity, offering a single model that encompasses all the features customers desire. Affordability is also a key focus for AXL, as it strives to make its vehicles the most affordable in their class, facilitating a faster and easier transition to electric mobility.

Continuing with the importance of luxury, AXL ensures that its electric vehicles rival high-end luxury vehicles in terms of features and comfort, providing an effortless and enjoyable driving experience. Safety is another fundamental aspect for AXL, with advanced technology integrated into its vehicles to enhance occupant protection.

Students in hybrid and electrical mechanic using EV charger
The company’s belief in providing luxury electric vehicles at an affordable price reflects its dedication to making electric mobility accessible to a wider audience.

Community engagement is central to AXL’s philosophy. The company understands that reversing climate change requires collective efforts, and as such, it plans to implement initiatives that promote a lasting impact on the global community, which provides even more work opportunities for hybrid and electric vehicle mechanics. AXL intends to build charging stations that will be available to all electric vehicles, not exclusively its own brand. Lastly, AXL places a strong emphasis on quality, ensuring that its vehicles surpass customer expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and overall experience.

Sustainability, Design Excellence, and Affordability A Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Can Appreciate 

The Canadian firm AXL Electrics Vehicles, is making significant strides in the electric vehicle market. The company has engaged in talks with KIZAD, the industrial hub in Abu Dhabi, and Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority in Dubai to establish a potential manufacturing facility, showcasing its commitment to expanding its operations.

To demonstrate its dedication and dispel any doubts, AXL recently unveiled the prototype of its first model, the Sharx-5, an SUV that boasts an impressive range of 500 kilometers. Remarkably, AXL plans to offer this model at an affordable price point, with an estimated cost of around $39,800.

Student in hybrid and electrical mechanic training studying charging infrastructure
In recognition of the challenges associated with EV adoption, AXL is determined to enhance the overall ownership experience by building a robust charging infrastructure.

By focusing on affordability without compromising on luxury, AXL aims to capture the attention of a broader customer base. The Sharx-5, a five-passenger mid-size SUV, promises a range of up to 500 kilometers. The model comes equipped with premium features such as heated and cooled seats for the driver, passenger, and rear occupants, a full-cabin-width three-screen display, an edge-to-edge glass roof, and integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Moreover, AXL prioritizes convenience by incorporating fast and universal charging capabilities and over-the-air updates.

AXL’s commitment to sustainability extends to its choice of battery technology. Students in hybrid and electrical mechanic training should expect to see in the Sharx-5 a carbon-free LFP version of batteries, sourced from China, ensuring a greener energy storage solution. On the performance side, the Sharx-5 impresses with an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in just 7.4 seconds. With a curb weight of 4,188 pounds, the SUV offers a balance between power and efficiency.

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