What the Volvo and Autoliv Joint Venture Means for Graduates With Auto Mechanic Training

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Volvo and Autoliv are both huge and influential players in the auto industry. Both companies are headquartered in Sweden, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. These companies are interested in developing autonomous driving software.

Recently, Volvo and Autoliv have joined forces to create a currently unnamed start-up that’s main purpose is to develop self-driving software. Until now, Autoliv’s main focus has been on developing passive and active safety systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning systems, and Pedestrian Detection systems, so this is not a far leap for the company. With Volvo’s extensive experience in the auto market and Autoliv’s expertise in auto safety, this new and exciting company is sure to change the face of autonomous driving.

The New Company Explained: An Intro for the Auto Mechanic in Training

This new company will have about 200 employees coming from Volvo and Autoliv, and operations are expected to start as early as 2017. Over the next several years, Volvo and Autoliv plan to grow their staff to approximately 600 people.

This new company’s main focus will be on developing autonomous driving software. However, it has been said the company will also work on developing driver-assistance systems. These driver-assistance systems are expected to make an appearance as soon as 2019. On top of those ambitious goals, the company is promising to launch its automated driving technology by 2021. As a result, many are speculating that the automobile landscape is going to undergo a drastic change very soon.

This is a win-win situation for both companies. Volvo will use the software in its own automobiles, and Autoliv—which already sells its products to over 100 different automobile manufacturers—will supply this new software to automakers.

Students at Mechanic Colleges Might Know This Is a Predictable Move from Volvo

Graduates of mechanic colleges might not be surprised by Volvo’s swift move to partner with Autoliv. Volvo has been jumping on almost every opportunity to partner with others invested in the self-driving car movement. Uber just agreed to a $300 million project in partnership with Volvo. Together, they are going to develop a “base car” that can be used to further advance autonomous technology. Uber hopes to develop its own self-driving fleet of cars using the technology created through the partnership. There’s no doubt, the major players in the auto industry are moving to get self-driving cars on the road soon.

What This Means for Students in Auto Mechanic Training

If you’re interested in pursuing auto mechanic training, these new developments are exciting news indeed. They demonstrate that the industry is committed to bringing self-driving cars to market, and that new grads can look forward to witnessing many exciting innovations throughout their careers.

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Auto mechanic training is a perfect way to combine your passion and your career

As more and more cars come equipped with driver-assistance systems and even self-driving capabilities, auto mechanics with modern hands-on training will be in high demand. Students in auto mechanic training programs today learn everything from the electrical fundamentals of a car to its computer control system and more. That’s along with an in-depth look at more “traditional” components like tires, hubs, wheels, and bearings. As a result, these students graduate ready to face the changing landscape of the automotive industry and begin their careers in this rewarding field.

Are you looking for an exciting career in the auto industry?

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