If You’re Training to Become a Mechanic, You Have to See the Lexus Luxury Minivan

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The Dodge Caravan, introduced by Chrysler in 1984, is touted as the first to solidify minivans as the vehicle of choice for soccer moms and families everywhere. Since then, minivans have changed to include the possibility of travelling in ultimate comfort, style, and class.

These fancy minivans are great for business executives who need limousine-level personal transportation, for both business and family trips. Luxury minivans have come from Chrysler, Honda, and Kia, just to name a few. Of course, as the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus is not one to be outdone.

If you’re looking forward to the possibility of working on cars of all kinds in your career, you may be interested in the features of the first-ever Lexus minivan. Keep reading to explore its gadgets and details.

What’s Under the Hood, Explained for Students in Mechanic Colleges

The Lexus LM luxury van debuted at Auto Shanghai this April. The vehicle will be available later this year, but only in China and select Asian markets. Buyers can decide on either the LM350 trim, with a 3.5-litre petrol engine, or the LM 300h trim, with a hybrid-electric 2.5-litre four-cylinder. Drivers can also choose from either front or all-wheel drive.

This van is a luxury version of the Toyota Alphard, which has been in production since 2002. Since 2003, the Alphard has also been available with the choice of either a petrol or hybrid engine. Since the Alphard is already a luxurious vehicle, bumping it up to a Lexus adds flair on top of flair.

What the Interior of a Lexus LM Will Look Like

Though your focus when training to become a mechanic will be on what’s under the hood, you might still be interested in what the passengers will feel and experience in such a luxury ride. A seven or four seat configuration is up to the buyer, offering space in exchange for seats or vice versa.

The cabin has a 26-inch display, and umbrella storage is also included. Perhaps the best luxury of all are the low-density urethane foam seats, offering a level of comfort similar to that of a couch. With a centre touchscreen to control seat position, AC, and audio, one can’t help but draw comparisons to first-class air travel. There’s even a refrigerator for storing cool drinks, like a nice bottle of Dom Perignon.

You can check it out in this short clip:

Want to Become a Mechanic? Check out this Suspension!

The suspension technology on the LM is pulled from the ES Sedan. It includes world-first swing valve shock absorbers, for ultimate smooth riding. Mechanic colleges will cover suspension systems with regards to operation and service, so you might want to know about this advanced tech. In this system, there are two valves—a normal main valve to handle most of the hydraulic fluid transfer, controlling suspension movement. The second valve is ultra-low velocity. This more sensitive valve smoothes vibrations from small bumps or dips in the road at high speeds, or eliminates minute changes in suspension compression in situations like pulling away slowly over imperfections.

The shock absorbers are positioned at the back of the rear seats, optimising overall suspension. The chassis technology was tested and evaluated in Europe, due to the access to no-limit highways, rough city streets, and race tracks, as well as mountain roads.

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