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GM has developed an innovative braking system to improve road safety for trucks and trailers. Here’s what those training in the automotive industry should know.

Anyone who has ever driven a truck or towed a trailer will know that stopping at high speeds with all that extra weight can be tricky. That is, until now.

General Motors (GM) has recently developed new brake technology to reduce stopping distances for heavyweight vehicles with trailers.

The eBoost trailer brake concept is set to change the towing experience for drivers. Learn more about the ‘brake-through’ here.

What is the eBoost Trailer Braking System and How Does it Work?

To develop the eBoost trailer braking system, GM adapted the eBoost braking system for a trailer and added better brake rotors, callipers and tires.

The upgraded brakes and tires improve the vehicle’s braking ability meaning it has more stopping power.

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Better tires help to improve a vehicle’s braking ability

The braking systemcombines a master cylinder, electro-hydraulic booster, and advanced antilock braking system (ABS), all in one single unit. The ABS works together with the trailer brakes through the seven-pin connector allowing for better handling. There is no need for a vacuum booster or vacuum pump to increase the driver’s input to the brake pedal.

As well as this, GM has added stability control to stop the trailer from swaying side to side when driving. Training in the automotive industry will give you a better understanding of how all of these parts work together when a vehicle brakes.

The eBoost Braking System Can Reduce Stopping Distance by 20%

With the new braking system, a fully loaded truck and trailer is able to stop within the same distance as an empty truck.

According to GM, the eBoost trailer braking system reduces stopping distances by as much as 20% compared to other trailer braking systems currently available on the market. In a test, the system reduced the stopping distance of a 9,000lb Sierra truck and trailer going from 100 km/h to a standstill by 40 feet less than a regular braking system.

The system has the potential to significantly improve road safety by reducing emergency stopping distances for trucks and trailers. Studying how to become a mechanic will help you to understand the importance of braking systems and stopping distances.

Understand How New Software Improves Brake Handling with Training in the Automotive Industry

One of the main differences between the eBoost braking system and a traditional system is the use of computer control. Digital software is installed in both the truck and the trailer, meaning that the driver has better control of the trailer’s braking systems.

The brakes can be tuned electronically by the driver to suit the road conditions, too, which results in a noticeably better brake feel.

When Will it be Available?

The original eBoost braking system is used in the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado, Corvette, and GMC Sierra. The trailer braking system is still just a concept at the moment, but will hopefully be seen in trucks and trailers in the near future.

GM estimates that the braking system would add an additional $1,000 to the cost of a vehicle. While it will likely be expensive, it significantly improves road safety and has the ability to save lives, without mentioning the enhanced driving experience for truck drivers. It will also become more essential as trucks continue to pull more and more weight.

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