Top Tips for Performing Professional Automotive Detailing on Cars with a Lot of Pet Hair

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Auto detailers work on vehicles in all types of conditions. Some are new, some old, some dirty, and some absolutely covered in pet hair. Despite the fact that pet hair is really tough to get out of vehicles, car owners are understandably reluctant to leave their furry friends behind. Thus, they turn to the professional services of auto detailers to get their cars in tip top shape again!

If you’re considering an automotive detailing career, read on for some useful tips you can use when detailing cars covered in pet hair.

When Professional Automotive Detailing, Always Start by Blowing Surfaces with Compressed Air

When you’re professional automotive detailing a vehicle that is covered in pesky pet hair, it’s usually best to start by blowing compressed air on the car’s fabric surfaces like floors, mats, and seats. By blowing compressed air, you can loosen up hairs that have intertwined with the fibres of the carpet and become stuck. Just remember to control where you’re blowing the air. If you let the air get out of control, you could end up blowing pet hair all over the vehicle and creating more work for yourself.

Use a Pumice Stone to Remove Stubborn Pet Hair

One of the best ways to remove pet hair from vehicles is to use a fine grain pumice stone or a product like Fur-zoff. When run over fabric surfaces, the stone lifts hair out of the carpet and traps it until you’re ready to remove it from the stone and start again. Pumice stones and other related products are some of the most effective tools for hair removal, and auto detailers everywhere swear by them for their toughest and dirtiest pet hair jobs.

In addition to hair removal, pumice stones have also been known to effectively remove dirt and grime. Best of all, pumice stones are cheap to buy and will last for years in your auto detailing toolkit!

When Professional Automotive Detailing Cars with Pet Hair, Try Using a Rubber Glove

If you’re not having much luck with a pumice stone or Fur-Zoff after auto detailing training, there is another technique you can try. First, find a pair of rubber gloves, like the ones you would wear in the kitchen, put them on and dip your hand into a bucket of water. Then, run your hand along the fabric surfaces of the vehicle. If you’ve done it correctly, your hand should begin filling up with hair. Once your glove is covered, dip it back into the water and start again. Make sure you remember to always move your hand in one direction, so that the leftover pet hair collects in a pile that’s easy to clean up.

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Rubber gloves are handy for picking up pet hair from vehicle surfaces

Only Use a Vacuum After You’ve Used Other Methods of Hair Removal

When detailing cars with stubborn pet hair, it’s best to start with other techniques first, and then move to using a vacuum. When pet hair has been collecting in a car for a long time, it becomes so engrained in the carpet that it can be almost impossible to remove with a vacuum alone. After using other pet hair removal techniques to bring the hair to the surface first, use your vacuum to clean up the remaining pet hair. Vacuums with rubber brush heads are ideal for helping to pick up and suck away pet hair.

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After using other techniques, vacuum to clean up leftover pet hair

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