Thinking of Being an Auto Service Advisor? 5 Ways Millennials Are Changing Customer Service

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An automotive service advisor’s job is to act as a liaison between auto mechanics and customers. They interpret concerns from the customer and translate them into technical language for the mechanic, then return to the customer and explain the repairs necessary, in accessible language. The responsibility falls on them to ensure that both the mechanic and the customer understand what is happening.

Millennials are a major influence on the automotive market, as they become more financially stable and form households and families. As an auto service advisor, there are several important points to keep in mind when working with this age group. After all, millennials are a generation that will quickly move to a different company if they experience unsatisfactory customer service.

Read on for five ways that they are changing customer service.

1. For an Automotive Service Writer, Personalization Matters to Millennials

Millennials enjoy services that personalize experiences, demonstrating that you know who they are, what they need, and how to help. In this way, you can build brand loyalty with them.

When greeting customers, scheduling appointments, explaining repairs, or handling complaints, personalization is helpful. From using a customer’s name to mentioning something you know about them, personalizing your approach allows you to connect with millennial customers as an auto service advisor, making them feel seen and heard.

2. Trust Makes a Huge Difference in Customer Service

Trust is very important to millennial clients. It can be achieved through various methods, including providing consistent service and always committing to any promises you make—many millennials would rather try a new company than return to one they had previously been loyal to, if it didn’t follow through on a promise. Having solid knowledge of what can and can’t be done and choosing your words carefully can help to ensure you follow through on your guarantees to clients.

You can build trust by keeping your promises
You can build trust by keeping your promises

3. Speed Is a Priority for an Auto Service Advisor Working with Millennials

Millennials expect fast answers, efficient delivery, and reliability. As a generation accustomed to having mobile devices at the ready to meet their needs, promptness is expected. Efficiency will be integral in your career, as tasks will need to be carried out with relative speed. This could affect the rate at which you explain repairs to clients within an automotive service writer role, how quickly you respond to customer complaints, and even how promptly you greet customers. It also means you will need to strike a balance between getting things done in a timely fashion and making sure the quality of your work isn’t compromised.

4. Millenials Seek Authenticity in Customer Service

When serving millennials, a more down-to-earth attitude can go a long way. When you communicate with customers, letting your authentic personality shine through where appropriate can help them trust you and want to return as a customer again. Having your company give back through donations, volunteering, or environmental initiatives can also build popularity, as these initiatives will convey authenticity and show that you truly care.

5. An Auto Service Advisor Should Be Able to Use Multi-Channel Communications

Many millennials have their smartphones nearby at all times, day and night. Paying for goods and services online or using online customer service chats in place of phone calls is commonplace for this generation. Because millennials often switch between devices, it’s important to understand how to use email, social platforms, and chats to provide appropriate customer service, in addition to phone calls and in-person interaction.

You can provide customer service through channels that millennials access on their smartphones
You can provide customer service through channels that millennials access on their smartphones

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