Thinking Of Auto Detailing Training? 3 Reasons Why Hands-On Programs Are Best

professional automotive detailing
Hands-on learning can help students hone their professional automotive detailing skills

If you’re interested in an auto detailing career, training that allows you to work with your hands and see the fruits of your labour can help you gain the expertise you need to succeed after graduation.

What better way to learn than getting in a real shop and working on real cars? When you’re choosing which auto detailing program to enroll in, make sure you consider the pros of a hands-on learning environment.

By choosing a hands-on program, you can look forward to getting these benefits from your education!

1. Hands-On Auto Detailing Training Can Instill Confidence

Trying out a new skill can be intimidating—especially if it’s on someone’s prized possession, like their car. That’s why hands-on auto detailing training is great for students. By trying out new techniques in a safe scenario, you can get rid of your jitters and focus on honing your skills.

During the learning process you’re bound to make mistakes, but under the watchful and experienced eye of your instructors, you’ll be guided towards success. By the time you’re ready to graduate, you’ll feel confident about your ability to make cars look their best!

2. Hands-On Auto Detailing Courses Can Help You Remember Lessons

Learning something new isn’t always easy, but you can help speed up the process by choosing an auto detailing course that offers hands-on training. At auto schools like Automotive Training Centres, for example, 85 per cent of your learning is done in a real shop. According to the National Training Laboratories, students who learn by doing—otherwise known as using the experiential learning method—retain 75 per cent of new information and skills. That’s compared to other approaches like lectures, readings, and even audio visual aids, which offer retention rates of 5 per cent, 10 per cent, and 20 per cent respectively.

auto detailing training
Learning by doing is most effective for students of auto detailing

Imagine reading a textbook teaching you how to properly wax a car. While it might provide some helpful tips, you’ll likely have a harder time remembering the lesson than if you waxed a real car in a real shop. Through hands-on learning, you remember lessons faster and gain real experience before you’ve even started your career.

3. Hands-On Professional Automotive Detailing Courses May Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Learning in the shop and getting your hands dirty are the best ways to develop your critical thinking skills. Over the course of your auto detailing classes you will learn plenty of new skills like vehicle surface repair, exterior reconditioning, and interior reconditioning. Each of these skills comes with its own steps and procedures, along with a list of things that could potentially go wrong. During your training it is likely something won’t go according to plan and you will have to think of a solution on the fly. Learning to feel comfortable problem solving on the spot is the foundation of great critical thinking.

Once you start your career working at a shop, dealership, or auto detailing business, your training will have helped prepare you to face any potential obstacles with an open mind and an eye for a solution.

Do you think hands-on professional automotive detailing training is right for you?

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