Inside Tesla’s Model X: The Specs That Pros in Auto Industry Careers Have Anticipated

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Tesla’s anticipated new hybrid, Model X, is hitting pavements worldwide later this month. Auto industry insiders have been ready for this since Tesla CEO Elon Musk called the X a “sculptural work of art” on the summer promotion tour.

The company has been cruising on the commercial success of its plug-in electric liftback Model S series since 2012. Now, Model X offers consumers even more bang for their buck (and they’ll be spending a lot of them) for new falcon-wing rear doors, all-wheel drive, and more luxury elements.

From its sky high price range to its innovative engine features, read on to learn the specs of the new Tesla Model X.

Auto Body Progress Since Tesla’s Model S

Tesla only released details of its Model X to the lucky individuals who put down a $5,000 reservation fee; however, the car’s auto body specs were leaked online.

The X is a full-size crossover utility vehicle featuring all-wheel drive, which necessitates two electric motors. The CUV seats seven, with a seating configuration similar to any other large seven-seater SUV (not Tesla’s alternative rear-facing child seats). Its standout features are the “falcon doors” at the rear, springing up from their bottom and curving up and over the roof of the car to look like wings.  You don’t need to go “back to the future” to see this kind of innovation anymore.

The vehicle’s body is based on the sedan platform of the Model S. Under its hood the Model X features the same choices of lithium-ion battery packs featured in a Model S (rated between 70 and 90kW/h).

Simply put, the X is an upgraded version of Tesla’s Model S and it boasts greater size, speed, and body complexity.

Auto Industry -Leading Luxury: Tesla X Signature Series

Luxury car consumers are being marketed an even flashier Tesla X—what Elon Musk calls the “Sig Series,” a loaded Signature X Model.

It features premium elements including automatic lane steering, ventilated and heated leather seats, self-parking autopilot, smart air suspension and GPS memory.  It promotes ultimate customer customization, with a range of paint colour and luxury trim choices as well as durable leather interiors, which are engineered to resist wear and staining.

For $1000 dollars more, a Signature X Model can be equipped with a “Subzero Weather Package” – wiper blade defrosters, washer nozzle heaters, heated steering wheels, and more.  Customers can also purchase speed upgrades that make the X go from 0 to 97 km/h in about 3.1 seconds, outperforming the fastest CUVs on the market today.

Bringing Sky High Pricing to Collision Estimators’ Attention

Tesla X prices before tax rebates or incentives range between $132,000 (for the basic luxury X) to $143,750 (including every signature upgrade). This is over 80 per cent more expensive than the company’s standard Model S.

Professionals in auto industry careers must keep up-to-date on how changing innovation affects luxury vehicle pricing. This is especially true for an auto body estimator, who is required to determine if and how mechanics can repair vehicles to their pre-accident value. With Tesla paving the way for even more luxury and higher prices on the CUV market, estimators are responsible for staying in the know. They must ensure that luxury buyers get their full money’s worth in quality repairs, should road accidents happen.

High-paying customers need to know their beloved luxury purchases can be repaired to their original condition, if, for example, Tesla X’s falcon doors happen to scrape against a garage ceiling. An auto industry professional’s ability to accurately analyze structural, body, and interior damage is a key part of what puts these careers in such high demand.

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