Why Students in an Automotive Technology Program Will Love McLaren’s New Roadster

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Who needs a windshield, anyway? Not the upcoming roadster from McLaren, at least. Although there’s not a whole lot known about this new vehicle as of now, including its name, what we do know is bound to make any automotive buff extremely excited.

Following its announcement at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, the company claims that the vehicle offers “the purest distillation of road-focused driving pleasure and an unrivaled sense of driver connection with the surrounding environment.” Expected in late 2020, this new roadster is bound to be an impressive addition to McClaren’s lineup. Here are three things automotive technology students need to know about it.

Its Lack of a Roof or Windshield Will Intrigue Any Auto Service Technician

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the new McClaren is its lack of a windshield or roof. Part of the British automotive company’s exclusive Ultimate Series lineup, this vehicle will be an open-cockpit two-seater with a vestigial wind deflector. While McClaren has made plenty of convertibles in the past, this new roadster is especially exposed to the open air—perfect for those who want to cruise down the highway with the wind in their hair.

The unnamed roadster will focus more on driving on roads than on race tracks
The unnamed roadster will focus more on driving on roads than on race tracks

It’s Also Got a Host of Other Cool Specs to Set it Apart From its Peers

While the manufacturer’s other models, such as the Senna, were made for fast lap times on the racetrack, this as-yet-unnamed roadster is intended more for comfort and enjoyment on the road. In fact, McLaren itself is promising their “purest driving experience yet.” Powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine (similar to that of the Senna, which boasts 590 pound-feet of torque and a horsepower of 789), the roadster also boasts dihedral doors, lines sweeping its edges, carbon fibre construction, and an all-carbon chassis. McClaren also claims this roadster will be their most lightweight model yet, which should help it reach impressive speeds. While little else is known as of this time about its full list of specifications, what we already know should have those in an automotive technology program very interested.

With Only 399 Units, It’s a Vehicle You’ll Need to Act Fast to Get

While the new roadster is a fascinating model for car heads to look at and drive, not to mention one with specs that’ll impress any auto service technician, it won’t be a mass-produced one. In fact, only 399 units are going to be made in total. Furthermore, it’s not exactly priced for the masses—this is a McClaren, after all—and is expected to have an MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of about $1 million or more. In other words, you can anticipate it being priced somewhere between their Speedtail and Senna models. It might cost a pretty penny, but at least that can’t stop you from dreaming of zipping around town in this very cool looking car one day.

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