Want to Start a Career in Auto Body Repair? Discover 3 of the Most Common Customized Car Parts

career in auto body repair

When it comes to customizing a car’s body, mods generally fall into two broad camps: those that help boost performance and those that simply look good. Some, of course, have the benefit of offering a little bit of both.
If you’re an aspiring auto body professional, it’s possible that installing auto body kits could soon be a part of your future. What are some of the most popular additions you’re likely to see? Here’s just a small taste!

1. Custom Bumpers Can Help Trucks Manage Rugged Terrain

Depending on the vehicle in question, a custom bumper could be an aesthetic choice, or serve a more practical purpose. Many off-roading trucks, for example, get a custom bumper to help them withstand a little more punishment. Steel bumpers are better able to handle bumping into trees or hitting an animal on the road. This can make them a smart addition to trucks that drive through country roads—or that choose to drive off of them as well.

After you complete your auto body technician training, there’s another important benefit to custom bumpers that you could mention to clients: many of them also come with room for accessories like winches. For these reasons, custom bumpers are fairly common.

2. Spoilers Are a Popular Choice You’ll See During Your Career in Auto Body Repair

When it comes to auto body customization, spoilers are a pretty popular choice. For many, it’s the first option that comes to mind, and it’s not all that hard to see why: spoilers offer a dramatic upgrade to a car’s appearance, and can improve performance too.

As professionals with a career in auto body repair might know, the airflow around a car can have a pretty big impact on fuel efficiency and even how well the car grips onto the road. This is where spoilers come in. By ‘spoiling’ the airflow at the back of the car, spoilers prevent that airflow from lifting the car slightly. This helps to improve a car’s traction and fuel efficiency. However, it’s important to note that these benefits are often only felt at higher speeds, and that many spoilers are less about providing these benefits than about looking good. Still, even if a spoiler is only there for aesthetic reasons, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Spoilers can help with traction and fuel efficiency, but they also look pretty good!
Spoilers can help with traction and fuel efficiency, but they also look pretty good!

3. Wind Deflectors Are a Handy Little Addition to Cars

Driving with the windows down can be especially fun during a road trip or on a warm summer day. On a rainy day, though? Not so much. Having rain and wind blow into the cabin and onto passengers isn’t a particularly fun experience.

Fortunately, wind deflectors are a simple little addition that can help in this regard. Wind deflectors, as their name suggests, help deflect wind and prevent it from blowing into the cabin when the windows are down. Because of this, wind deflectors are great for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of noise, rain, and wind that enters the cabin and swirls around passengers.

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