Showcasing ATC on CityTV’s – Breakfast Television. Here’s a Look at One of Our Students Who Took the Leap Into Automotive School

Toronto News Network CityTV recently covered one student’s journey into Automotive Training Centres’ (ATC) Toronto campus. As the auto industry expands, the demand for skilled auto technicians is rising. 

Shane is just one of many students who found a new purpose in automotive school. ATC Toronto opened the doors to a world of knowledge and experiences after Shane made the decision to quit his job during the pandemic. For Shane, the attraction of automotive school is exposing oneself to an expansive field, where the opportunity for growth is huge. With numerous different avenues and specializations to explore, the auto industry is a great choice for those looking to broaden their opportunities. Check out CityTV’s interview with Shane to learn more about his experience:

In recent years, more and more young people have begun to expand their horizons when it comes to deciding on a career. According to the 2021 Hays Salary Guide, 49% of Canadians have said they considered a career change since the pandemic started. Nowadays, one of the biggest areas of interest is in trade schools, such as those offering automotive training. With the recent disruption of the professional world, young people are increasingly looking to acquire practical skills that will secure them a career in an essential field. 

Automotive Training Offers Hands-On Experience 

Automotive programs provide hands-on training and prepare students for apprenticeships that will secure them employment in the industry. Automotive Technology is among ATC Toronto’s most popular programs, providing students with the practical shop training needed to acquire an entry-level position and perform diagnostics and repairs on different automobiles. Other areas of specialization include Transportation Operations and Dispatching, Auto Detailing, and Auto Service Operations. 

Expand your practical skillset when you choose to become an auto mechanic

Flexible Schedules For Students 

Students can choose between full-time and part-time courses offered in morning, afternoon or evening classes. Over the duration of 39 weeks, students train approximately 4 hours a day and 20 hours a week.  While studying they can support themselves financially while picking up part-time or full-time work.. At the end of the course, they receive a recognized diploma to begin work after graduation. If you think you’re ready to switch gears, automotive school can lead to a dynamic and sustainable career. 

At ATC Toronto, it’s the flexibility of the programs that draw students in. With small class sizes and flexible schedules, students have the chance to study under experienced instructors with many years of field experience, while maintaining their other work commitments. 

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