A Recap of the 2017 Vancouver International Auto Show for Pros with Careers in the Auto Industry

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The Vancouver International Auto Show draws in visitors from all over

For people who love cars, auto shows are always a treat. It’s a chance to take in the flashy new models glittering onstage, examine lots of cool new tech on display, and to mingle with likeminded enthusiasts who are just as eager as you for the next big thing.

The recent Vancouver International Auto Show was no exception, with wonderful models to show off. Here’s a recap of some of the interesting stuff that was on display.

Pros with Careers in the Auto Industry Are Intrigued by the 2018 Ford Ecosport

Later this year, the Ford Ecosport—a subcompact SUV crossover long sold in countries like India, Brazil, and others—will finally make its way to the North American market. Attendees at the Vancouver International Auto Show got an up-close look at what the car will bring to the table.

This vehicle’s exterior design has nothing to set it apart from the rest of the subcompact crossover pack. However, there’s still plenty for car lovers to get excited about. It’s inside where the magic happens. For the auto fan who loves technology, the 2018 Ecosport’s inclusion of a touchscreen infotainment screen, out-of-the-box Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, and other goodies offer a great setup for staying connected on the go. Additionally, an array of sensors can help drivers avoid accidents and stay safe.

With so many different toys to offer, the Ecosport has many ways to appeal to drivers. You can expect to see a few of these rolling up to your workplace during your career as an auto body repair technician.

The Toyota Mirai Concept Continues to Promise a Far-off Fuel-Cell Future

With seemingly every company getting in on the all-electric car game nowadays, it could seem like the battle for eco-friendly driving is almost over before it even began. The Toyota Mirai, however, showed up to the Vancouver International Auto Show to remind us that there’s still competition to come.

The Mirai is a fuel cell vehicle, meaning it uses hydrogen gas as fuel. This allows it to run emissions-free (except for a bit of water that is expelled), travel similar distances as gas-powered cars when fueled, and take a very short time to fill back up. Compared to the lengthy charge times of all-electric cars, this is a big advantage.

The main issues with these cars are that hydrogen gas is surprisingly difficult to get, store, and transport, and there are few fuel stations around. Still, the Mirai showing up to this show shows us that Toyota is still serious about this technology.

Pros in Auto Careers Should Hope to Someday See a Ford GT

Regardless of where you pursue auto body technician careers, the odds are slim that you’ll get to work on a Ford GT yourself. That’s because only 1,000 are being made.

Attendees of the Vancouver International Auto Show got an eyeful of this beauty, and surely walked away impressed. The car is sleek, and while it only packs a 6-cylinder engine, the Ford EcoBoost engine it runs on is able to get the car over 600 horsepower, granting it impressive speed. It’s also an incredibly expensive car, coming in at $400,000. However, that hasn’t daunted rich auto fans. All 1,000 units have already been pre-purchased.

With extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber for the body, lightweight gorilla glass for the windshield, and many other goodies used to make this car, getting to work on this model would be a dream come true for many automotive professionals.

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