Ready to Start Your Own Business? Opening an Auto Paint Shop After Refinishing Prep Training

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Do you dream of pursuing your passion for cars full-time? Then now is a great time to make that dream a reality. The demand for refinishing prep technicians is strong thanks to record-high vehicle sales and many workers in the industry retiring. If you’re an independent person and you want to be your own boss, then you may even want to consider opening up your own auto paint shop. Here’s a look at what steps you’ll need to take to start your own auto painting business.

Auto Painting Is a Skill and You Will Need Refinishing Prep Training

If there’s one thing an auto paint shop cannot survive without, it’s an employee who is trained on how to paint vehicles. Before you even think about opening your own shop, you’ll need to learn how to paint cars. That means signing up for courses where you will learn the skills that all automotive refinishing technicians must know, such as surface preparation, priming, and masking procedures. You’ll then need to get some on-the-job experience as an apprentice to make sure you have complete confidence in your skills.

Refinishing prep training will help you develop the skills you need to open an auto painting shop
Refinishing prep training will help you develop the skills you need to open an auto painting shop

Raising Financing Is a Necessary Step to Getting a Business Running

Next, you’re going to need money to get your business off the ground, which will often mean getting a loan from a bank or finding investors. Both banks and investors will need to see evidence that your business idea has a decent chance of success, so you must provide them with a business plan. Don’t stress out too much if you don’t have a lot of business experience—there are plenty of resources you can turn to, plus your refinishing prep training can help reassure banks and investors that you are more likely to succeed running an auto paint shop.

Reach Out to Contacts You Made During Your Refinishing Prep Training

Your training isn’t just where you learn how to become an automotive refinishing technician; it’s also where you can build a professional network. This network can play a huge role in the potential success of your business. For one, some of the peers you’ll meet in your car painting courses could have their own plans for opening an auto body paint shop. You can stay in contact and share your experiences, learning from each other to find out what worked well and where there could be room for improvement. Additionally, once your shop starts growing it will need employees. The people you meet during your training are a great resource for recruiting knowledgeable staff.

Partner with an Auto Repair Shop to Reduce Overhead Expenses

Opening up a new business requires a significant investment, including in real estate, tools, equipment, and labour. One way to cut costs is to partner with a local auto repair shop. The owner may be willing to rent out a portion of their shop to your auto painting business. Not only does this method save money, but it also gives you access to the auto repair shop’s existing clientele. That means you’ll be able to build up your own client list much faster than if you decided to strike out entirely on your own from the start.

You could partner with a local auto repair shop to help lower your initial expenses
You could partner with a local auto repair shop to help lower your initial expenses

Do you want a fulfilling career? Auto painting careers have a lot to offer!

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