Ready to Become an Auto Body Technician? Here Are Some of the Most Valuable Skills You’ll Learn In Your Training

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When a car, truck, or other vehicle is damaged in an accident, auto body technicians inspect the frame and exterior to determine the type and extent of repairs that need to be done. They remove damaged parts and install new ones, using hand and power tools to fix scratches, holes, dings, and dents. Whether the repairs are small, like fixing a scratch on a fender, or more significant, like rebuilding the frame of a car when it’s been seriously damaged in a major accident, the job of an auto body technician is to make sure each car leaves the shop looking like new.

If you’re interested in starting a new career and you like working with cars, then you might want to consider auto body technician training, which can provide you with all of the knowledge and experience you’ll need to enter this rewarding occupation.

Here are some of the most valuable skills you’ll learn in auto body technician training.

Auto Body Technicians Develop a Keen Eye for Detail

Having a keen eye for detail is an important skill for auto body technicians. To get cars looking like new, they need to be able to spot every imperfection in a car’s finish, and they also need to be able to complete repairs on small components, like trim or seals. For these reasons, students in auto body technician training are continually developing their eye for detail to improve their craft.

You’ll Need a Good Knowledge of Cars to Be an Auto Body Repair Technician

Auto body repair technicians need a broad and up-to-date knowledge of cars. This includes both their structures and the materials with which they’re made, as metals, plastics, and carbon fibres each have their own particular sets of characteristics, and auto body technicians need to be able to distinguish and identify each one. While this is something that students will learn a lot about in their training, it’s also something that any auto body repair technician will need to stay up-to-date with throughout their careers, as there are constant changes and advancements being made.

Auto Body Technicians Learn a Range of Technical Repair Skills

Auto body technicians are taught a range of repair skills and techniques throughout their training. Students learn how to hammer out dents, how to straighten bent frames, and how to file, grind, and sand auto body surfaces. They learn how to remove and replace body panels, doors, and fenders. For these and other repairs, students learn how to use a variety of hand and power tools, including sanders, welders, buffers, and grinders.

Students in auto body schools learn many new technical skills through the hands-on training they receive in their courses, but it’s also important to remember that auto body technicians continue to hone their skills and develop new ones throughout their careers.

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Auto body technicians work with a variety of tools to restore vehicles to their original condition

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