Ready to Become an Auto Body Technician? How to Find Time for Career Training When Working Full-Time

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So you’ve finally decided to pursue a career you love, and become an auto body technician? Making that decision is a huge first step.

It takes in-depth training to prepare for this career. To get those skills, you need to enroll in auto body training courses. For many students, this means balancing their studies with a part-time or even full-time job. So how do you balance the two, while also finding time for a life in between? It may sound daunting at first, but it can be done with a little help. Here’s how:

Remember that Automotive Courses Are Your Ticket Out of Your Current Job

Staying motivated—which will keep you from feeling overwhelmed—can be a challenge when you still have to wake up every morning and go to a job you don’t particularly like. So how do you keep your motivation levels up? By remembering why you decided to pursue auto body technician training in the first place: so that you can have a career that actually excites you. If you really can’t stand your current job, use those negative feelings to your advantage and just remind yourself that, thanks to the automotive courses you’re doing now, soon you can quit and do something you love.


Stay focused on the job you could have to maintain your motivation
Stay focused on the job you could have to maintain your motivation


Careful Time Management Can Help You Make the Most of a Busy Schedule

You might think there’s no way you have enough hours in the day to go to a full-time job while training for a new career. And while it certainly might feel that way sometimes, careful time management can help you make the most of the precious hours you have.

We can’t stress enough how much a day planner—whether it’s one you download on your phone or a physical book you carry around with you—can help you out during this time. Use your day planner to schedule time in the day for studying. Even just allocating a little time each day can help you get through your coursework and avoid stressful cram sessions.

Learn How to Set Boundaries—Both On and Offline

Going back to school is a big commitment. To help you reach your goals, it can be a good idea to connect with friends and family, and see if there are ways they can offer help or support. Even delaying a hang out session until after a big assignment can help you stay on track. Setting boundaries also applies to your smart devices and social media. If you absolutely must get your daily fix, schedule it in for a specific time—that way you’re not tempted to do so when you should be working on your courses.


Social media can distract you from your automotive courses, so set limits for yourself
Social media can distract you from your automotive courses, so set limits for yourself


While Automotive Courses Can Be Fun, Don’t Forget to Have a Social Life

For some people, their problem is not having too few boundaries but too many: they love learning how to become an auto body technician so much that they forget to relax and enjoy time with friends. While enjoying your training is definitely a great thing, don’t completely isolate yourself from your friends and loved ones. Try setting aside an evening or afternoon when you will be free to hang out and let your friends know that that’s when you’ll be available.

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