Pursuing Auto Mechanic Certification? See How Nissan Redefines Mobility with its Latest Concept!

Pursuing Auto Mechanic Certification

The Tokyo Motor show occurs once every two years, and this year marks the 44th. While each show typically boasts a particular theme, this year’s is based on the concept of “Technology and Fantasy” and aims to become the top technology motor show in the world. If what we’ve seen so far is any indication, the show will definitely appeal to tech fans across the globe.

One concept that really stands out from anything we’ve seen so far is Nissan’s “Teatro for Dayz,” which will be unveiled later this month at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. With its many screens and digital capabilities, this car really is about as high-tech as it gets when it comes to motorized vehicles!

If you’re planning to pursue an automotive career, read on to learn more about Nissan’s latest concept, as well as some of the other vehicles expected to make an appearance at the motor show.

“Teatro for Dayz”: Auto Mechanics for the Digital Age

Nissan’s “Teatro for Dayz” is an all-electric concept that’s designed specifically for “digital natives” or “share natives”—today’s generation that loves to share experiences through their devices.

The interior of the car is covered in LED display screens, from the seats, headrests and door trims, to the dashboard—of course, anyone in a car repair career would no doubt experience difficulty trying to locate parts for this car, should it require repairs.

While in park, cameras on the interior and exterior allow drivers and passengers to instantly share what’s going on in and around the vehicle. Through the LED displays, the interior can also be customized to look like it’s covered in wood, leather, or grass.

Because the entire dashboard is a display screen, when the car is in drive, individuals can choose which navigational or vital information readouts they want to see, and hide anything they find unnecessary. The body of the car has a box-like design, with more LED display screens along the lower panels.

Check out this video for a look at Nissan’s “Teatro for Dayz” concept:

Could Nissan’s Concept Represent the Future of Auto Mechanics?

Nissan hasn’t revealed much about the vehicle’s top speed or details on the powertrain, leading many experts with auto mechanic certification to believe that the “Teatro for Dayz” is more of a moving infotainment system than an actual car. Other industry pros suggest that the Nissan concept is an example of the future of the auto industry, arguing that when self-driving cars become a reality, passengers will need plenty of tech features to keep them busy while on the road.

What Pros with Auto Mechanic Certification Can Expect to See in Tokyo

In anticipation of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, several other automakers have released information on concepts they will be unveiling. Here are a few of the models we can expect to see:

Subaru will be unveiling its all-new Viziv Future compact SUV. The car will feature the company’s latest electronic driver aid technology, which enables autonomous driving. In addition, Subaru’s new hybrid system will use a new downsized turbocharged engine.

Mazda will debut its brand-new sports car concept this year, which surprisingly won’t be a successor to the RX-8. Its design is instead inspired by the Mazda Cosmo, a long-bodied touring coupe that was sold in limited markets between 1967 and 1996.

Honda will be unveiling its production-ready “FCV” sedan, which boasts a familiar Honda design, similar to the 2016 Civic and Accord; however, it’s powered by hydrogen fuel cells. FCV is only the vehicle’s standby name; the carmaker will reveal the model’s actual name later this month in Tokyo.

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