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Are we seeing the future of Ferrari? The Italian auto giant has launched an innovative design contest for students around the world to envision what the supercar will look like in 2040. Just four schools remain from approximately 50 participants: Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany, the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, French design school ISD-Rubika, and Hongik University in Seoul, who won the previous contest in 2011. Each has submitted three designs.

The results will be announced on January 15, with two prizes available. The Gran Premio will be awarded by a jury of professionals and celebrities including Sebastian Vettel and designer Paolo Pininfarina. Meanwhile, fans can vote on Ferrari’s Facebook page for their favorite, who will receive the Premio Speciale award.

For aspiring auto body technicians, who dream of detailing and repairing luxury models, these concept cars offer a rare glimpse into what the future of auto design might look like.

Hochschule Pforzheim: Innovation in Professional Automotive Detailing

The German university has pushed the limits more than any other participants. The 422 Dualita looks like something out of a sci-fi thriller, with its large angular front fenders and retracted black grille.

The FL meanwhile, takes things even further, with no roof, concealed wheels, and the passenger compartment making up the entire rear of the vehicle, making it look more like a hovercraft than a car. Only the Parabolica, with its more standard design, would be immediately recognizable to an auto body technician as a Ferrari.

CCS: New Twists On Classic Ferrari Auto Body Design

The College for Creative Studies favored a more conventional approach than Hochschule Pforzheim. Each of its entries, the FuTurismo, Intervallo, and Duo, takes its cues from recent Ferrari design like the F80 concept, but with wider noses and more pronounced fenders. As if to underline its respect for tradition, each entry is rendered in classic Ferrari red.

Hongik: For Those Who Prefer A Sophisticated Style

The Korean university has opted for a more subtle, sophisticated style. The Viventerossa and the Etereo modify conventional Ferrari aesthetics with a more pronounced dome structure that anyone aspiring to a career in auto body repair would feel privileged to work on. The de Esfera takes a different approach, using a blended gold and red finish to give the car a distinct look, with a sleek angular design that makes it look like a futuristic descendant of the Ferrari 488.

ISD-Rubika: Auto Body Design For The Race Track

Finally, Valenciennes-based college ISD-Rubika rejects subtlety for aggression, with three powerful designs. The Vision F900 looks more suited to the race track than the road, with its Formula One-style narrow front nose, while the all-black Manifesto resembles nothing so much as a batmobile design. The F247 takes cues from both, with large wide fenders giving the narrow front nose design favored by the F900 more of a supercar feel.

The ISD-Rubika combined F1 and supercar styling, in a similar manner to the Ferrari Enzo.
The ISD-Rubika combined F1 and supercar styling, in a similar manner to the Ferrari Enzo.

Check out all the entrants here:

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