Preparing for Careers in the Auto Industry: 4 Tips for Building Your Toolbox!

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Choosing on a career in the auto industry allows you to work with your hands, see the final results of your hard work, and enjoy a career where no two days are the same. Ultimately, beginning your career in this sector means developing a dependable and extensive personal toolkit, complete with everything from ratchets and sockets to pliers, screwdrivers, electronic diagnostic tools, and more!

For students beginning their studies, building up a good toolbox might seem like an exciting but also daunting task. Fortunately, there are a few ways for you to build up your toolbox without also breaking the bank, or ending up with sub-par tools. Read on to find out what they are!

Those with Careers in the Auto Industry Know to Develop a Few Tool-Buying Habits

Snapping up the first tools you see is one thing, but building a dependable “asset” toolkit is another. Amassing cheap tools that are ultimately going to break and need replacement isn’t ideal. It’s also not advisable to splurge on expensive specialty tools if you’re unsure whether you’ll use them regularly during your career.

To avoid both of these pitfalls, you’ll need to develop some useful habits. This includes rigorously checking all used tools for functionality, robustness, and existing damage before purchasing them. Learn from the lemons, those tools and brands that just didn’t perform for you, and don’t buy them again. And ask an industry mentor or one of your instructors if opting for a particular specialty tool is worth the investment, or if you can get buy borrowing that tool from a co-worker from time to time. By developing a critical mechanic’s mindset, you will develop a filter that will ultimately result in a better toolkit.

Take Advantage of Social Media to Find Good Deals on Tools

Tools circulate. It’s a fact of life as mechanics retire from their careers in the auto industry, or pass along extra gear when they’ve upgraded a few of their tools. While there are established markets online like Kijiji and Craigslist for all kinds of second-hand goods, joining a few local mechanic social media groups can open up new access to quality tools that are being sold locally. These closed groups are now prevalent across Facebook. Exercising caution is always a good motion whenever purchasing second-hand tools, but by connecting with trusted mechanics, you can get first dibs on tools you could really use.

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A significant amount of tool sales now take place on social media

Students Know to Target Bundles for Value When Beginning Their Careers in the Auto Industry

There will come a point in your career as a mechanic when you will simply need to go out and purchase some new tools. Whether you’re just crying out for a new ratcheting wrench set, or decided that you simply need a full set of precision screwdrivers to complete a certain job, grouping your purchases is a solid move.

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When it comes to buying new, there’s value in numbers

Most big box retail stores will offer rewards programs, discounts on multiple purchases, or kits that include many items. In this regard, grouping your purchases into one fell swoop can make very solid financial sense.

Remember to Look For Bargains Everywhere

Keeping an eye out for a scoop in an unlikely location has served many a mechanic over the years—something you will appreciate as you build up your tool appreciation at automotive school in Montreal. Buying new tools from a trusted store can be a good option, but students can also snag great deals at several unexpected locations as well. The most unlikely of locations can sometimes offer perfectly good tools for sale, with budget supermarkets and general retail stores now often selling myriad tools for decent prices.

Second-hand and thrift stores, as well as flea markets, can sometimes also offer extensive selections of perfectly usable tools. In addition, you might want to keep an eye out for the buried treasure offered by your local yard sale or vente de garage. Who knows, you might find the perfect addition to your toolbox!

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