Pillar of the Community: Why a Car Repair Career Is Held in Such High Esteem

car repair career

Cars are a necessary part of modern life. They help us complete commutes, run errands, enjoy cross-country road trips, and so much more. They’re pretty essential, and many of the things we take for granted wouldn’t be possible without them. Keeping our cars running smoothly is more than a little important, and the knowledgeable professionals who make that happen are an essential part of any community.

While in the past trades careers were sometimes overlooked in favour of white collar office jobs, they are once again being appreciated for their value and importance. Keep reading to learn more about why automotive trades are rightly becoming more and more respected.

B.C. Needs More Professionals With Auto Mechanic Training

It used to be that a university degree—any university degree—was seen as a guaranteed path towards a well-paying career. It’s part of the reason why university enrollment swelled from approximately 800,000 in 1980 to 2 million in 2015. However, today many now recognize that trades offer reliable and lucrative employment.

Skilled mechanics are needed
Skilled mechanics are needed

It’s no secret that Canada is experiencing a shortage in skilled trades. In fact, here in B.C., demand for professionals with auto mechanic training is set to climb by 6.3 per cent from 2017-2022. More and more companies and government officials are stressing just how important the trades are. And as the need for skilled professionals becomes ever more apparent, more and more people are respecting the hard work and know-how that comes with this profession. Can you imagine an economy without mechanics? It’s pretty difficult to picture. Trades professionals are needed in communities big and small, and those communities are increasingly recognizing the essential role that they occupy.

Trades Professionals Have an Important Skillset

Graduates of auto technician courses set themselves up for a career where every day they can see the results of their hard work. That satisfaction is no small thing, and an important reason why many choose this career path.

More than that, though, trades professionals see the benefit and value of their career outside of work too. Think about how many times your car has needed servicing or repairs, and now imagine having the ability to do them yourself. That’s an important benefit many 9-5 office jobs simply don’t come with.

The skills gained in mechanic training offer many benefits
The skills gained in mechanic training offer many benefits

For many friends and families, knowing a skilled mechanic can be a source of pride, as well as a huge benefit. A friend or family member who works as a mechanic becomes a trusted expert and helpful advisor, since their expertise can be more than a little helpful.

Whether you’re helping a friend whose car has broken down, a family member wondering which car to buy, or someone pulled up on the side of the road, your expertise can make all the difference. There are many rewards that come with this career, and becoming a pillar of the community is just one of the many perks that await.

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