An Overview of the 2022 Tesla Model Y for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Students

For an aspiring mechanic who wants to specialize in hybrid and electric vehicle technology, then there’s a good chance you’ll be left totally impressed by the new all-electric 2022 Tesla Model Y. This model aims to build on the success of the Tesla Model 3, which was defined by its impressive handling and range. However, there are a few notable features that take Model Y to new heights, especially for SUV enthusiasts. 

At ATC Surrey, you’ll get hands-on training in hybrid technology. You’ll learn how to service different types of hybrid vehicles, perform general maintenance, learn about the design of battery packs and much more. This will allow you to form your own evaluation of new cars like the Tesla Model Y. Read on to learn more about what the Tesla Model Y has to offer!

A Look at Impressive Range, Power and Performance for Those in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

This new 2022 Tesla Model Y was designed to impress electric car enthusiasts. Model Y offers an amazing driving range that’s sure to please both drivers and mechanics alike. With its 19-inch wheels, Model Y offers Long Range driving of up to 531 kilometres per charge. The driving range is seemingly affected by the size of the wheels. Those in hybrid and electrical mechanic training will be interested to hear that the 20-inch wheels decrease the driving range a little bit to 512 kilometres per charge. Additionally, with its all-wheel drive, it’s able to go from 0-100 km/h in 5.0 seconds.  The Performance model, however, can go from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. Now, that’s impressive for an electric car! 

Model Y Offers a Quick and Easy Battery Charge

As a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you’ll be left impressed with what the Tesla Model Y has to offer in terms of battery charge. Tesla claims that the Model Y can be charged anywhere there’s electricity. It also provides drivers with a Mobile Connector Bundle and a 110V household outlet that can charge the battery for daily driving. They’ve also made it easy for Model Y owners to get an upgradable Tesla Wall Connector that offers an efficient home charge with 220V. You and your customers will be impressed with this Tesla model’s fast charging capabilities as well. Along with this seamless charging, Tesla claims that by using their Tesla Supercharger network, a driver can add 261 kilometres of driving range when driving long distances in just 15 minutes. In other words, top it off and go!

For a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you’ll be impressed with the easy and quick charge of the Model Y battery

Full Self-Driving Capability With Driver Supervision

Tesla is a driving technology pioneer that never seizes to impress! This is especially true for Tesla’s Model Y, which comes with self-driving capability and autopilot, that for now still requires human supervision behind the wheel. The Model Y offers drivers the option to navigate on Autopilot, allowing them to guide the vehicle while entering and exiting the highway, suggest lane changes, switch on the turn signal and navigate interchanges. 

The Tesla Model Y offers self-driving capability with driver supervision

The Model Y is also able to assist drivers with lane changes when the driver has the Autosteer feature engaged. Another great and nifty feature that you probably can test alongside your customers is the Summon feature. This feature allows the driver to move the Model Y in and out of tight spaces using Tesla’s mobile application or key. 

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