Openbay: Facilitate Communication with Clients Once Start Your Car Repair Career

Imagine being able to assess a car, shop around for estimates, and schedule a service all in a matter of minutes. That’s what Openbay is—an app that connects customers with mechanics in their area.

The company was founded in 2011 and, while still only available in certain areas, is slowly gaining popularity, with the latest version offering new features which allow customers and mechanics to exchange photos and videos of repairs. The company has also made an extension of the app, Openbay Connect, available to select markets, which takes the concept further by using in-car connectivity to detect mechanical problems.

For those embarking on careers in auto repair, Openbay could change how they do their job on a day-today basis, providing easier, more efficient, and transparent ways of communicating with clients.

How Openbay Works: A Guide for Students Taking Mechanic Courses

Openbay works by allowing clients to describe car problems or the service they require, and then transmitting the information to participating shops in the area. Interested mechanics then produce an estimate for the repair job and an assessment for the customer to compare with other options.

Mechanic courses often emphasize the importance of providing good customer service, and this is especially true when using Openbay, as customers can compare the service ratings of previous users on the app. Payment is made securely through Openbay once the service is complete, with the company claiming a 13 per cent referral fee.

Customers can send details of their problem to local mechanics and then receive estimates.
Customers can send details of their problem to local mechanics and then receive estimates.

Using Openbay To Enhance Your Car Repair Career

Using a service like Openbay could offer a host of benefits to anyone pursuing a car repair career. Pitching quotes through the app provides a new way to attract customers, while diagnosing mechanical problems over the phone also saves time. Even having other shops deliver estimates alongside yours has its advantages, as mechanics spend less time dealing with customers who are shopping around for the best bargain.

The new option to send video and photos through Openbay allows mechanics to identify problems more easily. They can also send clients photos of repairs in progress, as well as document additional damages they find. This will help them justify any additional servicing with the client, and build a more trusting, transparent relationship, which could lead to repeat business.

Openbay Connect: The Next Development In Modern Car Repair?

In addition to its basic service, Openbay began rolling out Openbay Connect in April, which takes the app’s functionality further by enabling drivers to use in-car connectivity to identify problems. The company provides a device which plugs directly into the OBD II diagnostic port, and allows the car’s onboard computer to send information about any problems picked up by the monitoring sensors.

A similar device was launched by Automatic last year, but Openbay’s service has the advantage of being connected to the app’s other features, allowing customers to transmit the information directly to local mechanics, further streamlining their service.

Openbay Connect uses modern cars’ onboard computers to detect problems.
Openbay Connect uses modern cars’ onboard computers to detect problems.

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