If You’re in a Mechanic Program, You’ll Want to Know About the New 2021 Acura TLX

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With the release of its 2021 TLX luxury sport sedan, Acura appears determined to remind drivers of the thrilling driving experience once so strongly associated with the badge. Presenting as a much slicker, sportier second generation of the model, the all-new TLX is no longer based on the Honda Accord, built on its own sophisticated platform. Acura is calling the release “the most performance-focused sedan Acura has ever offered, built on an all-new platform, developed exclusively for TLX, and geared to the desires of today’s sport sedan enthusiast.

To learn whether the 2021 TLX lives up to that tantalizing description, let’s take a closer look!

The Goods Under the Hood

Offering either a standard 2.0-litre, 272 hp turbo-four engine, or a V6 in the type S version that knocks out 355 horses, drivers can expect either engine to be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Students in automotive school will be interested to learn that AWD is also an option on both engine types—an upgrade buyers should seriously consider for achieving super responsive braking, cornering, and steering. Without the AWD enhancement, some reviewers note a somewhat sluggish, much less responsive transmission. 

Overall, everything’s still quite a significant improvement from the outgoing model, punctuated by 280 lb-feet of torque on the 272 hp model that equates to an impressive 98 unit increase from its predecessor. AcuraWatch active safety tech, drive select modes, lane-keep, and radar cruise all serve as nice additional features.

A Sporty Exterior Complimented by a Wow Interior

The 2021 TLX exterior gets universal review kudos for its sporty low-slung, rear-wheel drive design, a notably head-turning upgrade in appearance from its more conservative predecessor. Standard inclusions such as LED headlights and an aluminum trim serve to complement further. 

Check out this clip to get a closer peek: 

Where the TLX really impresses, though, is in its sleek cabin, making a laudable first impression thanks to its overall high-quality looks, which include a deep-set dash, a chunky sport-steering wheel, and a 10.2-inch infotainment centre controlled through a touchpad in the centre console. The heated front seats are designed for superior comfort control, with drivers able to make changes to bolster and lumbar support. The rear seats offer slightly less leg and head room and overall comfort, but suffice for the sports sedan niche, also offering a heated option.

A favourite interior feature for many reviewers is the excellent ELS audio system by Panasonic, surrounding the driver with rich sound coming from 10 speakers on the base spec—and packing a 17-speaker option in the A-Spec that blows almost anything else in the industry out of the water.

Other Points Students of Automotive School Know About

One of the most important takeaways for students of auto mechanic college is the TLX’s ability to put up a fight of equals in dynamic performance against prime competitors like the Audi A4 and Mercedec-Benz C Class. Additionally, the TLX’s base model price point of around $38,000 USD (around $48,627 CAD) represents excellent bang for the buck—meaning that the 2021 TLX is poised to truly give those rival brands a run for their money.

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