The Measures Put in Place by Our Automotive School to Preserve the Health and Safety of Students and Staff During the Pandemic

Over the last several months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of everyday life. In order to preserve the health and safety of our students, and to avoid delaying their graduation, ATC has taken proactive action throughout the pandemic.

Now that Québec has begun to gradually reopen, our school’s doors are opening once again. 

Here’s what you need to know about the measures in place for students returning to campus, and how we’re working hard to help students graduate on time and enter the workforce soon. 

The Gradual Reopening of Our Automotive School

Since the very beginning of the crisis, we have worked hard to keep students and staff safe. This involved implementing distance learning for all theory courses when the outbreak first occurred. A new schedule also had to be devised, so that students could catch up on practical components of their training when possible. This was done to make sure that students wouldn’t have to delay their graduation or their entry into the workforce.

For several days now, our automotive school has been gradually reopening its doors. We are doing so with the utmost care and caution, taking the time to make sure that proper procedures are followed. 

Making sure that students and staff feel comfortable and safe returning to class is also an important part of this process. We are checking in with each and every one of our students and staff to be sure that they feel comfortable returning to campus. If anyone does not feel comfortable, we have adapted our offerings for them. 

Health and Safety Are a Priority at Automotive Training Centres

Since the reopening of our auto mechanic school, we have put in place certain measures in order to preserve the health and safety of our students, staff, and instructors. These include:

  1. Masks and visors for all employees
  2. Masks offered to students
  3. Social distancing measures in place for shop activities
  4. If social distancing is not possible, masks, visors, and safety glasses are mandatory
  5. Theory classes will remain online to minimize on-campus instruction
  6. Proper signage has been placed on floors to ensure proper social distancing and circulation on campus 
  7. Setup of several hand sanitizer stations
  8. Installation of a bell to help manage arrivals and departures (as well as the number) of visitors
  9. Only groups of 15 students or less allowed per time slot
  10. All work areas and tools are to be disinfected after use
  11. All staff that can work remotely will continue to do so
  12. Frequent checks for COVID-19 symptoms (fever, dry cough, etc) among staff and students

Plans for Reopening Student Internships

Experience in a hands-on real-world work environment is an important part of any student’s automotive training, as it allows them to gain concrete professional experience. We continue to forge strong relationships within the automotive industry and despite the pandemic, students will still be able to complete their internships safely. Since last week, five of our students joined the industry through our internship program. 

Do you feel passionate about the automotive world, and want to train for a rewarding career within it?

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