Will the LC500 Be a Game Changer for Lexus? What Students in Auto Technician Training Need to Know

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Lexus has a deserved reputation for producing reliable, sporty vehicles, without pursuing the absolute performance output of brands like Ferrari. It has made up for that over the years with an emphasis on style and design, delivering comfortable, premium vehicles without the enormous price tag. Now, the luxury Japanese producer is taking things up a notch with the LC500.

Here’s what has professionals working in the automotive industry so excited.

Coming Direct from Concept to Production Line

The roots of the LC500 are firmly entwined with the LF-LC concept car that Lexus first showcased at the North American International Auto Show back in 2012. What’s so striking about the realized production vehicle is how closely it resembles the concept, with Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda stressing that “positive reactions” amongst the public helped convince the company to closely keep to the striking, contoured concept design.

Underneath that design now sits a powerful 5-litre V8 engine, offering up 471 horsepower and 398 lb-feet of torque. It also comes complete with a versatile 10 speed transmission, which is likely to impress any student preparing for an auto mechanic apprenticeship.

True to its positioning as a sports coupe, the LC500 also features six driving modes, ranging from “Eco” to “Sport+”, which allow drivers to ease the vehicle into the ideal output for any kind of driving scenario, from easing through packed traffic to roaring up mountain highways. Replete with success from models like the Lexus RX crossover (a big seller in Canada), Lexus has made a vehicle that doubles down on this kind of versatility, even while other brands slowly withdraw away from this market.

Hybrid Version Available, But Pros with Auto Technician Training May Not Be Impressed

The company is also offering a hybrid version, known as the LC500h. This model runs on a 3.5-litre V6 engine as well as two electric engines for a combined output of 354 horsepower. Unfortunately, the LC500h has received a lukewarm welcome from observers and pros with auto technician training. Part of the reason for this comes down to the LC500h’s price tag, which sits at approximately $121,000. By comparison, pricing for the gas-powered LC500 starts at $115,000. Understandably, paying significantly more for almost 100 hp less is something that many are not too thrilled about.

An Interior to Impress Trainees Taking an Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

With the performance, price tag, and hybrid option covered, it should be noted that Lexus’s strong suit—style and design—is clearly evident from just one look at the LC500.

Lexus has arguably delivered one of most lauded interiors for a car of this type. Complete with extra-comfy sports seats, plenty of plush leather, a sleek dashboard, magnesium paddle shifters, and more, there’s quite a lot to love about the interior. For those who love comfort, there’s a lot to be impressed about with the LC500.

Here’s a closer look at just how stunning the interior of the LC 500 is:

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