Launching Your Auto Detailing Career? A Guide to Essential Detailing Equipment

During your automotive detailing career, you’ll want to be prepared for anything, and having the right equipment is the key to a job well done. Auto detailers work to restore vehicles to their original condition by performing a number of repair and reconditioning procedures. These professionals are detail oriented, ensuring that every component of a vehicle looks as good as new. If you’re considering a career as an automotive detailing technician, having the right equipment will not only make your job easier, but it will also help you to achieve the best possible result. When you invest in a set of good equipment, you’ll be prepared for success throughout your career. Below, check out the essential detailing equipment that every auto detailing professional should have.

Always Have these Basics on Hand During Your Professional Automotive Detailing Career

Before launching your auto detailing career, there are a few essential pieces of basic equipment that you’ll want to have on hand at all times in order to perform a number of different detailing procedures. For one, you’ll want to stock up on a collection of detailing towels, which you’ll rely on for cleaning, drying, polishing and much more. For drying, you’ll want to obtain some chamois towels, as they’re capable of absorbing a high amount of water. When it comes to polishing, using a microfiber towel will leave a vehicle streak-free. For cleaning vehicles, you’ll also want to invest in a wash bucket, a dirt filter and a bucket dolly, all of which will make the washing process more efficient. Lastly, an arsenal of sprayer bottles and detailing hoses will be crucial for performing a number of different auto detailing procedures.

Microfiber cloths are essential for any detailer to possess

The Interior Detailing Equipment You Need

In professional automotive detailing, the tools you’ll use for going over a vehicle’s interior will be different from those used on the exterior. The first piece of equipment you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner, which is used to remove dust and debris from a vehicle’s interior. Additionally, a carpet and upholstery extractor can be especially helpful in deep cleaning dirt and removing any stains or contaminants. Lastly, you’ll want to have a detailing steamer, which is helpful for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, as well as spot treating any stains. 

Technical Tools to Keep with You

Beyond the basics, there are a few technical tools which will come in handy when performing a professional automotive detailing job. A mechanical polisher and sander is one of the most essential auto detailing tools, allowing detailers to smooth and polish the surface of a vehicle with ease. Not only does this device save time, but it ensures an even finish. You’ll also want a collection of foam pads, which attach to the mechanical polisher and sander to perform different tasks. When working with older vehicles, it’s especially important to have a paint thickness gauge on hand, as this will help you to determine the extent of damage to the paintwork and how much new paint is needed.

A mechanical polisher and sander will make the detailing process more efficient

These Chemicals and Cleaners Will Make the Detailing Process Easier

In order to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from the vehicles you’re working on and make them look as good as new, it’s important to compile a selection of different cleaners and chemicals. Paint cleaners, degreasers, polishes, glazes, sealants, and waxes are all important substances to have on hand, as these will help you to successfully restore any vehicle. Additionally, glass cleaners, metal polishes, and wheel cleaners are great for an added boost of shine.

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